Sunday, March 7, 2010

my list

I made a list when we got home from hearing Sam sing with his
classmates at church this morning.

It started with a reminder to email a few people who I owe emails.
Somewhere in the middle I wrote clean our bedroom.
I added gather tax documents and post about a blog book that arrived on Friday.

I got to the end of the piece of paper with plan menu.
I flipped it over and added #24, do last day of Bible study homework and #25, update checkbook.

Then I put my pencil down.

And left the list where I would find it tomorrow.

Today is a day of rest. My list can wait.

All of those things that were swirling around in my heads are now safely recorded on my list.

They will all still be there tomorrow

Today is a day of rest.

I will rest in His faithfulness.

I will rest in His goodness.

I will spend time with my family.

I will rest in my bed.

May you find some time to rest on this Lord's day as well.

For the business of the week will always be there. I will face it tomorrow refreshed and renewed.

Today is a day to rest. Sweet dreams sweet Sunday!

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