Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It fit

I had my measurements taken for a bridesmaid's dress yesterday and it got me thinking about the other formal gowns I've worn in my life. I pulled three of them out of the basement tonight to see if they'd fit. One of them was awful number:

My junior prom dress. 1994 was NOT a good year for prom dresses.
Not at all.

My date and I went to Chuck E Cheese before dinner and a little girl came up to me and asked me if I was Cinderella. I think if Prince Charming saw Cinderella show up with these puffy sleeves and pearls strung across her back (and did I mention a big bow?) he'd have RUN AWAY AS FAST AS HE COULD!!!!

What did your prom dress look like? Are you brave enough to share a picture of it?

Oh...and yes, the dresses all fit.

One from 1994, another from 1996, and the final one from 2000. Crazy because my weight has fluctuated 30 pounds over the past 15 years. Currently I sit at the same weight as I was in 8th grade. Sorry, no pictures of tight rolled pants are going to be shown on this blog anytime soon!


  1. Whoa! Them are some mighty fine shoulders. :) I've often wondered if I'd fit in my wedding dress, but I don't wanna take it back in to get cleaned. :) I have posted some prom pictures from 1994 on Facebook, but not on the blog yet. :) You are a bit braver than me. :)

  2. Love it and I'm laughing at Chucky E. Cheese! God bless - Holly

  3. I am so jealous that yours fit! Mine arent terribly bad, circa 1999, but man, I was sunburned to all holy heck (blistered face even) for my prom... yowzers! The pictures arent pretty. Oh and my junior prom, circa 1998, I broke, no, shattered my leg 2 days before decorating for prom (fell off a balcony trying to put up the lights) so I had a purple cast to match my dress, and my date's mom insisted upon decorating my crutches with roses. Ouch.
    I'd probably fit into my senior prom dress, but it wouldnt be pretty. I almost have to hate you for fitting into yours...

  4. I have a few of mine still but I don't think I'd fit into any of them. I can still have baby weight 3.5 years after giving birth, right? my prom dresses are dates 1996-2000... might have to dig out some pictures...

  5. Ah the puffy sleeves. Which then reminds me of the Seinfield puffy sleeve episode. haha

    My prom dress was polka dots & it was strapless thank God, but I made it myself.

  6. Way funny that you went to Chuck E!!!!

    Awesome that all your dresses fit! It doesn't surprise me with all the x-country skiing you do!

    Pretty nice to say huh?!

  7. There's no way I could still fit in my prom dresses. I have no clue what I weighed in 8th grade, but I do know when I was a Senior, I tried to give blood, and didn't weigh enough! I weighed 109 lbs, which at 5'6" was way too thin!

    I should try to dig out some prom pics. I went to four, and actually wore a hoop skirt to one!

  8. Oh, prom. What a disaster. Not ready to post that online yet, though. :-P Kudos to you, though!

  9. Wow, good for you that they fit! WOW!!!!!
    I don't even have any pictures. THey are not digital, and I don't have any clue where they are!

  10. LOL - that's classic!!! Not to mention, VERY impressive! There's no way I'd fit into mine. :::sigh:::


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