Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alphabitty Moments - The letter U

Welcome to 21st edition of Alphabitty Moments! The letter U gave me trouble this week so I threw it out there on twitter and low and behold I got lots of great suggestions. (Thanks everyone!) As soon as I saw "UP" I knew that I wanted to capture the time in Julia's life when she asked to be picked up. She'll be too big to carry someday and I want to remember these days of being little. I filed a few ideas away for other U words. I now have two extra U words that fit for Julia and one for Sam. Wahoo!

This is by no means the layout I would have chosen for this picture though and only serves as a reminder to myself that it's worth the extra cost to include more pages in a book so that each letter can have it's own layout. The font is fine for the T-Rex side, but it doesn't fit the UP side at all. Live and learn I guess. We're getting to the end of the alphabet and that means a fresh start with the letter A in a little over a month. Are you planning to join in next time around? If you are going to be using a bookmaking company, which one? I'm ready for something new now that I know that without a doubt that the traditional look of scrapbooking is not my strong suit.

Don't forget to link up your U word for the week - scrapbook page or not!

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  1. lol I could link up either of my last two posts:

    Under the Weather


    Umbrella! :)

    I will try to link up again next week. :) Love Alphabitty Moments. And, I do like the picture you chose. I will miss those times when my girls put their arms up and say, "Up?"


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