Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Big 4-0

I know, I know....who celebrates a 40 month birthday?

{waves hand high in the air}

We don't call them month birthdays - we call them special days.

Julia was born on October 2nd so her special day falls on the second day of every month. Sam has a hard time waiting the eleven days until his special day, but somehow he survives.

So what is a special day?

It's means a variety of things depending on the day of the week it falls on, but here are a few ways we celebrate: that child gets to pick what we eat for dinner, gets to pick which movie we watch, gets to get a treat at the gas station, and most of all gets lots of extra special lovin' from Mommy and Daddy. It isn't anything huge, but just some extra special treatment - our way of letting them know how extra special they are.

Notice (other than a cookie at the gas station) that there are no gifts involved. Just good old fashion bonding.

On one of Sam's special days I wrote this post and so today on Julia's 40th I decided she needs a list too....

To my baby girl......

1) I love the way your finger dimples show when you hold a crayon
2) I love how you talk in run-on sentences as you describe the dinosaur 'skit' you are going to perform with Daddy
3) I love the way you eat your veggies
4) I love the way you say "Oh-tay"
5) I love how you prefer to dress yourself - even if the combo is way off

6) I love the way you say "Here Mommy" and hand me part of your cookie just because you like to share
7) I love the way your ringlets bounce on your shoulders
8) I love how you color pictures in a rainbow of colors
9) I love that you can sing the words to songs that you've only heard a couple of times

10) I love coming to your tea parties
11) I love the way you come running into the sanctuary to find us after Children's Choir
12) I love snuggling with you in Sammy's bed at bedtime
13) I love watching you on the video monitor as you play with your stuffed animals in your bed
14) I love giving you horsey rides

15) I love the way your hair still curls at the end of your braids
16) I love listening to your conversations between your animals

17) I love your T-Rex noises
18) I love that you are independent enough to fix your own diaper if the velcro slips before bed
19) I love the way you gasp when you hear really really good news
20) I love that you announce Grandma and Grandpa will be coming over 'today' if you haven't seen them in a while
21) I love that you sing "This Is The Day" with me every time we drive somewhere
22) I love that you call Conor "Puppywuppster" because Daddy does
23) I love that you are not shy at school
24) I love the big hug you give me when I come back into Miss Ann's room for circle time
25) I love that you are perfectly happy to look at the toys at Target and don't ask to buy one
26) I love that you are practicing your sounds at home after only a couple sessions with Mrs. S.
27) I love the way you hand the phone back to Daddy with a quick 'by!" even though I'm still talking
28) I love the way you play with your doll house
29) I love your rosy cheeks from being outside in the cold
30) I love that you're always thinking.
Case in point: "I want to wear sandals Mommy" "Oh sweets, your toes would get all covered in snow and be cold." "That's OK Mommy! I'll put my wrist warmers on them!"
31) I love your version of dressing up: Safari hat, pj's, and a tu-tu
32) I love that you still need me and aren't afraid to show it
33) I love the way you write your name (the U is upside down sometimes)
34) I love that you offer to kiss my owies - even when they are on my feet
35) I love that you still let me take pictures of you
36) I love that you want to read so many stories at bedtime
37) I love that you aren't afraid of splashing in the lake
38) I love your hugs & kisses
39) I love your dimple
40) I love all of YOU!


  1. What a beautiful list one that will be treasured for years to come.

    Carrie, you have the most amazing and beautiful children.

  2. So precious!! I love your pictures, especially the pig-tail :)

  3. I love this. I too, love the excitement when we come to your house or they come here. Grandkids are so special that it would take a large book to write down all the things I hold so special and dear to my heart. Give them a hug and kiss for me.

  4. Beautiful post. She's such a beauty. I love her hair in the braids.


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