Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alphabitty Moments - The letter Q

By far this is my favorite page in Julia's Alphabitty Moments book. I love the pictures and I love the Q word that PapaBear thought of for me. How can you not love that face and her priceless expression?! I took the top picture while we were in the hammock last summer. We'd been at the pool earlier in the day and this is how her hair dried afterwards. I am soooo ready for these days of frizzy, static-y days to be OVER!

I've been looking through my photo archives a lot lately because of various projects I'm working on and I can tell without looking at the date how old Julia is because of her hair. Age 1-2: curls were definitely there, but just beginning to form ringlets. Age 2-3: Ringlets are there in full force and she starts to get more length...finally. Age 3+: her hair is just beyond her shoulders now.


  1. Gorgeous!! My girls have a friend with hair like that. It's hard to keep my hands out of it!

  2. I LOVE her curls! How cute is she??!! I had fun making ours today. It is quite quirky!

  3. Her curls are absolutely gorgeous! I hope she loves them!

    Im getting ideas by reading your post! ;)

  4. Oh my goodness that's so gorgeous. That's a lot of curls!

  5. Her curls are adorable! What a cutie!!

  6. You are the winner....Check out my blog....



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