Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A heart to change the world

Last night I had the life changing opportunity to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children. My friend Kristina and I made the trek to the East Metro and filled bags of food for starving children. FMSC packages millions of meals a year and makes a difference in SO many lives around the world, but little did we know that when Missy organized the event weeks ago that an earthquake would devastate Haiti....the very place our 64 boxes of food is headed based on their distribution schedule.

Kristina and I donned our hairnets along with a roomful of volunteers....

Jerry gave us our instructions and we got to work packaging meals.

Jen did a great job explaining the production process in her post about the event, but here are some pictures I snapped after I gave up my job of dumping in a container of soy (lower left hand picture)

Our shift was over before we knew it. There were many comments of "but we could do so much more!" The camaraderie and feeling of contributing in a tangible way was almost electric. I didn't even notice that it was after 10pm when we left the building.

Before we left the staff at FMSC shared some statistics about what we had accomplished in the short time we were volunteering. I did what any girl with a terrible memory does - I wrote on my hand so I wouldn't forget the numbers. They weren't just numbers though. They were lives. Lives saved because of a simple cup of food. (Liz talked numbers in her post and she did it very very well.)

It was an honor to be a part of this group of bloggers - most who had never met before, but who came together with a heart to change the meal at a time.

What was the best part of the whole night?

We had the privilage of praying over the 64 boxes of food we had packaged.

As Jerry closed the prayer I couldn't help but think of the children's CD that I grew up listening to called A Heart To Change The World. It's the 6th in a series by Psalty the Singing Songbook and will be the subject of an upcoming (give-a-way) post about how PapaBear and I are teaching our kids to be grateful for the blessings we have here in America, especially in light of the recent tragedy. Stay tuned!


  1. Great post Carrie and great seeing you again!

  2. It was sooo great to meet you last night! Together, we can change the scoop at a time!

  3. It take each person doing something small to make a difference, such a great lesson.

    It was great to re-meet you!!

  4. It was so wonderful to meet you last night! I still get shivers when I think about the difference we made last night.

  5. it was great to meet you and chat over dinner. Thanks again for explaining your town name... Take care!

  6. This is just beautiful Carrie. I'm sure the meals will make such a difference to so many lives. What a blessing for everyone involved!

  7. Thanks for being such a blessing!!!! Feed My Starving Children is truly the hands of Christ. My older kids enjoy volunteering there, too.

  8. Great recap, great pictures. It was so wonderful meeting you. What a powerful experience we all had. Just amazing, really. So glad you were a part of it! :)

  9. It was really nice to meet you!

  10. THis is really neat! Thanks for sharing with us.


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