Wednesday, December 9, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Day 9

Homemade ornament week continues, but I'm taking a break from the felt ones today to share this one from my college days, specifically my junior year when I traveled around Central and South America for 3 months. My professors had been visiting the same places for years and had developed some great relationships with the locals and because of that we were able to see and do a lot more than the average tourist. On our last night in Costa Rica all 63 of us were given hand painted pieces of pottery with our names on them. I fashioned mine into an ornament and now it hangs on our tree. I have more memories of that trip than I could share in one post. It was a trip of a lifetime for sure and sometimes I can hardly believe I experienced what I did. I am so thankful for the journals I kept! (This post mentions many of the memories I have from my travels so I won't take the time to write about them here.)

And now I'm off to photograph five of the books that arrived today before I deliver them to clients in California, Florida, and Minnesota.....

If you are new to the carnival it isn't too late to join in. You can read all of the 25 Days of Christmas Ornaments by going here.


  1. Mine is up! But MckLinky isn't...

  2. Me too... the link thing says I cant add mine until 9 something tonight

  3. Yep, I read that ... 9 something pacific time ... weird.

    But mine is up too!

  4. Mine is up too--MckLinky is funky tonight!

  5. What great (warm) memories you have behind this ornament. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I traveled to Europe 3 times and I am so glad I have journal entries from 2 of those trips. They were brief entries unfortunately, but at least I have something!

  7. I love that you made something that wasn't specifically an ornament into one. I've done that several times.

    So glad the link thing is finally working!


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