Monday, December 21, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Day 21

One of the unexpected parts of this carnival is the habit I've gotten into of writing a little bit about what's going on at our house as part of this post. Most of it isn't all that exciting, but the whole point of blogging for 25 straight days was to record memories for my kids. Being able to share a slice of life each day is doing just that AND we're sharing ornaments. Double bonus!
I really wanted to share pictures from our time outside yesterday but between my camera battery dying and my computer being completely full, I wasn't able to get the pictures onto my computer. Instead, I will share this ornament that I got for Sam in December of 2006. I remember buying it at Target and thinking it was a good representation for my two year olds first winter of being able to go down a small hill by himself. The only wooden sled we have is my childhood toboggan, but I doubt anyone makes a plastic sled ornament. Anyone ever seen one?

PapaBear and SisterBear are waiting for me upstairs - we've got a block tower building date and I can hear that construction has already started. Have a blessed day!


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