Friday, December 18, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Day 18

Tonight the kids and I painted an ornament that I picked up at JoAnn fabrics. I really like the idea of having a photo ornament each year, but they can be pricey and heavy. While at JoAnn's I found a wooden star that we painted with metalic paint and embellished with gold glitter glue. It was easy, it was quick, and it will remind us of Christmas 2009. Not too bad for 99 cents! I originally went to the fabric store to purchase holiday fabric and I'm so glad I did! It's 60% off right now and there probably won't be much left by the time Christmas has come and gone. My plan is to sew gift bags in time for next year's gifts. I bought up to 1 yard of 6 different fabrics for only $1.99 a yard. The ribbon will be the most expensive part of the project, but the bags will pay for themselves in the long run. I do think about how we will miss out on the fun mess and chaos of a bunch of wrapping paper but Santa can wrap gifts if he wants and there's always the 25 days of Christmas books to unwrap.

Two years ago we painted some wooden ornaments in keeping with our homemade gifts from the kids tradition. I wrote a Sam quote on the back of the one he made for his sister because I thought it was so sweet. It says, "because we are friends too".

How do you handle sibling gifts in your family?

And while I'm thinking of it, here's the link to the fudge recipe I mentioned the other day. Now that it's cooled I can report that it is Y.U.M.M.Y!!!!!!!! 4 pounds of fudge that I will quickly dispense of before it adds 4 pounds to my hips. Some to the maintenance guys, some to MckMama's party tonight, some as Christmas gifts, and some for a Christmas party on Saturday. That should leave just enough for me to enjoy for breakfast tomorrow. How does the butter, cream, and sugar recipe compare to the ones with marshmallows or marshmallow creme? It reminds me more of the fudge you buy at the gift shops. The kind that holds it shape, but then the smooth velvety goodness melts in your mouth instantly. Mmmmmmm..... (If you decide to make it, go ahead and use the biggest pan you have - I thought it was way too thick for a 9x13 pan so I used my bigger lasagna pan and even that is a pretty thick piece of fudge in my opinion.)


  1. My mom makes fudge similar to this one - try using a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and it will be the perfect thickness. Good luck!

  2. His comment is so precious!! I love the idea of exchanging ornaments between the kids instead of toys. We may do that this year. Thanks again for all your work in hosting these 25 fun days!

  3. Love the ornament :) I love it when my kids write stuff like that about each other. I have learned that I appreciate it even more as they get older :)

    I let the kids pick out something in the stores in the past. But when they do the shopping thing at school...they take their own money and get to decide without parents involved I think it's great for them!

  4. Our school does a Santa's Workshop, where area vendors come in and sell gifts at low prices. All the parents send in envelopes with money, marked with who the child should buy for, and how much he/she should spend. Ethan and Zach each get 10 dollars to spend to buy gifts for each other and for Emma. I go and wrap presents for the kids, and it is a BLAST. They have so much fun, and it's awesome to see them excited about GIVING presents, and not RECEIVING them.

  5. Love Jo Anne's!

    Snug picked out a book for Little Monkey at Barnes and Nobel after he won a free gift card there. Our library did a reading of The Polar Express, and then the bookstore did the rest-craft, hot chocolate, and a door prize (which he won). He was really excited to get something for his brother. I'm not sure in the future how we will do it, but I think it is so fun he is tickled to give a gift. He will be getting one from his brother too, but obviously Little Monkey didn't have much to do with it.

  6. I love the quote, that is so sweet!

    It was so much fun chatting with you last night, what a great party! :) Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Christmas! :)


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