Friday, December 11, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Day 11

Good morning! We're almost half way through our 25 Days of Ornaments already! Hard to believe isn't it? I have most gifts wrapped and under the tree. Others I haven't even bought. My Christmas cards are in the envelopes and addressed, (Thanks PapaBear!) but I haven't proof read and printed our letter yet. One thing at a time right?

Today I'm sharing an ornament that I made in Sunday School forever ago. These might be a little trickier to make these days since so many people send out photo cards instead of the traditional Christmas cards, but if you have some old cards, you can have some fun with toothpicks a little glue, and a pair of scissors. I must have thought this little bunny would feel nice and cozy in this little house I built for him 20 years ago....


  1. It wont let me do a mclinky thing again :(

  2. It was great meeting you the other day! Are you attending MckMama's holiday party? I hope to..pending on this baby. :)

  3. I LOVE that idea! Right now, my girls are playing mail and post office with the cards we have received but I might have to rescue a few of them from the playroom's post office and make some ornaments! :)

  4. I never thought to use toothpicks like that. I'll show it to my girls and see what they come up with.


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