Friday, November 27, 2009

Introducing....25 Days of {Christmas} Ornaments

Let's face it. No matter how early we finish our Christmas shopping there are always things that keep us hopping most of the 25 days in December. There isn't much time for blogging and personally, after the November I just {barely} survived, I don't want to spend very much time on the computer period.

I plan to spend December decorating, making gifts, wrapping gifts, addressing Christmas cards, listening to music, reading to my kids, and doing as many advent activities as we can.

Each year my little elves help decorate our tree and in true sibling fashion, they do it as fast as they can so they can be the one to put the good ornaments on.
They are 3 and 5. I wouldn't expect anything less.

They don't want to sit and listen to me explain where each ornament came from. They see an angel ornament, but I see the ornament I brought back from Hawaii when I was 18 so I could add it to my angel collection. Some day they might want to know the stories behind the ornaments we'll hand down to them.

Some day they will be decorating a tree with their children and they will be the ones sharing the significance of why we bought them the ornaments they received during their childhood.

If you are a regular visitor to BearCountry you've probably noticed that blogging has taken a back seat many times this year because I'm the breadwinner in the family right now, but I am determined that Christmas won't pass us by without recording some special memories for my family.

Isn't that why most of us blog in the first place? If you'd like to record the story behind 25 of your Christmas ornaments on your blog and share each post with others, I will be posting a Mcklinky daily starting December 1st.

Will you join me?


  1. This is great! I was just taking pictures of some of my ornaments with the desire to do just this, but without a vision of what the final outcome would be! This is my answer!

  2. This is a great idea! I will try to join in each day on this one.

  3. I.AM.SO.IN. And so excited. I have tons--literally tons of ornaments I want to show off and tell about--this will be SO MUCH FUN! Loves ya, friend.

  4. LOVE IT....I am SO in! Not that I have beautiful, expensive ornaments but I have ornaments that have heritage/stories and that means more than price..or looks! Can't wait to join you.

  5. is very pleasant to read. The article is very professionally written. I enjoyed reading keep it that way.

  6. I'm in!! Not sure I'll make it every single day, but I'm definitely in!

  7. What a great idea - I'd LOVE to join in, but we aren't even taking out the ornaments this year. We'll be spending Christmas with my inlaws out if state and I'm pretty sure my toddler would destroy the tree anyways! ;) Looking forward to meeting seeing your 25 ornaments...and to meeting you at Cupcake '10.

  8. I am so excited to do this! Just photographed (and put back away *sniff*) my 25 ornaments. Our tree will go up when the kids and I leave for Michigan and there are for sure no house showings. Then it will go down the day after Christmas. D E P R E S S I N G
    But this blog meme (?) will cheer me right up!

  9. what a great idea I will begin later this afternoon


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