Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - The Book

It's here! All 66 pages!

It begins with a excerpt from the original little things post and an explanation of what Alphabitty Moments are....

Then there's the dedication to Sam, including a picture of him wearing his "I still live with my parents" shirt...

Then the next 52 pages cover every letter of the alphabet...

At the end the ittybitty detail section covers the stories behind the words I chose....

Oh how good it feels to know that all of these special memories are preserved for Sam!

If you've been meaning to vote in the contest where I've entered this book - now's the time to do it. (This post from Thursday will explain how to vote before midnight tomorrow)

Others are rallying for votes and my book has slipped from 5th place to 21st. Thank you to all who are pulling for me! There's still hope!!!


  1. I looked through this on nice. I so want to make some books now!

  2. Hi there - I found your through Jenn over at munchkinland...

    From a fellow digital scrapbooker - your book is awesome! love the concept and I am pretty much going to imitate that for a book i have in mind for my kiddos!

    by they way, because I liked your book so much, i linked to your blurb contest on my facebook account today. i hope you get TONNES of votes!

  3. I wish I could've looked at the whole thing during lunch--guess we'll have to get together again! :-)

  4. I can't wait to have the $$ (I think we might about Christmas time) to make my kids' books. Sam's is just great! I love the "itty bitty details" at the end, may I "borrow it"?

  5. What a fun book :) I bet it feels good to have it in your hands! Love the idea of putting the stories at the back so you can remember why you choose that word for that letter!

  6. I'm finishing up my babies alphabet book today. All I have left is O.


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