Monday, October 19, 2009

October 2009 - By the Numbers

3 - # of cases of bronchitis this month
2 - # of different antibiotics we've tried
9 - # of chiropractic adjustments
1 - # of canceled vacations
58 - # of cough drops consumed
45 - # of tea bags brewed
3 - # of trips to the doctor
102 - # of flies/Asian beetles we've vacuumed up
2 - # of decent Fall days
10 - # on the calendar when it snowed
4 - # of days we've had snow
21 - # on the thermometer on the coldest night of the month
3 - # of inches of snow we've had
12 - # on the calendar when we took our Christmas card picture
2 - # of books I've made so far this month (3 more to go before November)
10 - # of years it's been since I graduated from college
5 - # of chili's entered in this year's chili cook-off contest
0 - # of chili's we got to sample
5 - # of hours I napped on Friday
13 - # of hours I slept Friday night
3 - # of books I read over the weekend
40 - # of tomatoes that froze in my garden
15 - # of campers that cancelled their reservation for camping last weekend
3 - # of followers until I reach the 200 mark
2 - # of things I still need to send to blogging friends
3 - # of Halloween costumes I still need to figure out


  1. I had bronchitis in June. It was absolutely NO fun. Glad you're all feeling better!

  2. I pray you start feeling better soon. Our week has been a nightmare. Three out of four kids have ear infections. They all had a temp for five days (each reaching 105 degrees). Things are finally starting to look up! Glorious day here, 65 degrees! Feel better!!!

  3. Wishing you better health. Bronchitis is so yucky - I truly know.

  4. I love when you do by the numbers. I need to put a post like this together!

    You still have 3 more books to complete before November! I don't know how you are doing it! But of luck.

  5. Hey Carrie-I am lifting up a prayer for your families health and for it stay! It was fun running into last week.-Jen

  6. Hoping everyone stays healthy for you through the rest of October! You've been busy, that's for sure. I had too many tomatoes freeze in my garden too--it came too soon!

  7. That's a lot of number crunching!

    Hope you are all on the mend and some of your numbers go down next month!

    Have a great rest of the week!


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