Friday, October 23, 2009

Journey through Nepal

I'm more than a little behind in my blogging both personally and professionally. It was bound to happen seeing as I have four blogs and three jobs. But who's counting right? One of the book projects I was working on this summer was unlike any I'd ever done before. Jenn was a missionary in Nepal for two years. She blogged about her journey and spiritual grown at Lightbulb in a Darkness. Sometimes it felt like I was right there with her with her descriptive and honest account of being an 'm' in a Hindu country. By the time I finished her 399 page book, I definitely felt like I had been there with her! Take a peak at the album she'll be taking with her as she travels around to churches and talks about her Journey with Jesus. (clicking on each images will make them easier to see)

I had so much fun showcasing some of her amazing photographs!

The Nepalese script in the next picture translates to "Jenn & Jesus Journey Through Nepal"

While she was on the other side of the world she was able to do some traveling...these are a couple pages from Europe:

More Nepalese script...Isn't it amazing that she can read that?

To view all 399 pages you can visit my bookstore.

The variety of the books I work on is definitely a perk of my job as a book designer. A couple of weeks ago I finished a book for a talented artist in Florida. Bill was a joy to work with and I found myself always calling PapaBear over to take a look at the paintings I was putting in a gallery catalog. "Look how REAL this looks!" I would say. Seriously, I was in awe and that was before I saw the impressive list of his accomplishments.

I will put a version of this post up on my design site, but I wanted to write about it here too since it is such a big part of our lives right now. I say "our" because it is an time consuming job that has kept me from spending the time with my kids that I want BUT the silver lining in that is PapaBear has been bonding with the kids in such a special way. I love that when he's with the kids I don't have to feel guilty about working. (That doesn't stop me from letting guilt creep in, but I'm working on that.)

I'm off to prepare for a wedding I'm photographing tomorrow....have a great weekend everyone and thanks for voting for my Alphabitty Moments book! I am currently in 20 place for the family category. (The top 15 get to go on to round 2)


  1. Wow, this is so fascinating! Thanks for sharing! It sounds as if you love what you do! {grin}

  2. What an amazing experience!

    I googled the artist...WOW. Let me know when you have that book up on your other site!

  3. I voted! I also read through it again...beautiful. I feel like I almost know Sam while looking at it, and see little glimpses of Snug. Isn't it fun to raise a boy?

  4. Beautiful! I have to check out your other sites as well!

    Nice to have a job you love isn't it?


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