Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alphabitty Momments - The letter F

Welcome to this weeks installment of Alphabitty Moments! This project is a way to record some of the little things our kids do so we can look back years from now and be transported back to a time when our kids wore footie pajamas & asked questions and were curious about every little thing.

This week I chose Farm. At least a couple times a year we go to PapaBear's cousin's farm. Julia always wears gingham. Sam always wears red. Every time. (Yes, my neurotic tendencies for good photos rears it's ugly head on those days). There are many photos to choose from after 4 years of visits but these three represent some of the highlights. We always start in the cow barn where we greet the kitties. Then it's further inside to see the calves. We usually startle the chickens on our way to feed the pigs next. Sometimes there are tractors to ride or Bobcats to drive. I grew up on a horse farm so a dairy farm is new ground for me. The kids love it and we love teaching them about where their food comes from.

In June we were able to spend a day at the farm with cousins who were visiting from Denver. Fun times! Someday it will probably take more than cows, chickens, pigs, and kitties to impress my kids, but until then we will enjoy the look of wonder on their faces as they explore the farm.

Before you link up your alphabitty moment for the week be sure to stop by and congratulate Latoya over at Christian Momma who won the $50 gift card. Congrats Latoya! (Send me an email at 4 the love of family (at) gmail. com to claim your prize)


  1. I love your new blog design- its less jumbled and so much easier to read :)

  2. I ADORE your new blog design... it is beauteous!!

    And yours kids are just about the most precious little creatures to ever roam the campground. ;)

    Many blessings-

  3. so cute! I am a new follower! I think this is darling!


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