Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Speechless Wednesday

I walked into Sam's room tonight at bedtime and saw this:

"What in the world!?!?" I thought because we've never practiced spelling JoJo before.
Then when Sam said that he wasn't the one to write it my jaw hit the floor.

Julia can write letters? Since when? OK, so I knew she knows 'O' and 'H' but to spell out her nickname? As I said in my tweet earlier I ran downstairs to get the camera so I could take a picture of the magnadoodle before it was errased and then I had her right it again.
Sure enough, she knows her J some of the other letters in her given name.

Did I mention that we don't practice writing with Julia? With Sam we do - he's two years older and is required to write his name in preschool.

My baby is going to be 3 in a few weeks.

At this rate she'll be typing 60wpm in 3rd grade.



  1. congratulations Julia!! it's amazing what kids pick up when we're not looking! {my literacy professors taught us that this would be evidence of living in a print rich environment; way to go Mom and Dad!}

  2. Aww thats so cute!!! she looks so happy!! i wonder when i should start writing with allie... hmm.

  3. Wow, that is amazing. What a smart little girl you have. I know my daughter started writing her name at 3 but it was after much practice. Congrats mommy!

  4. That's amazing!!!! We have been practicing the letter "J" with Jake, and are very proud that at 3 and a half, he can produce a semi-legible "J". I think I would have flipped out if I found my not-yet-three year old write her entire nickname with no previous practice! GO JULIA!! :)

  5. That's awesome!! I just love it when kids surprise us with "hidden" talents!!

  6. Wow, that is amazing!! My oldest is going to be 3 on the 29th of Sept.....and although she can do all sorts of amazing things, writing isn't one of them! :D

  7. That's outstanding! Good job Julia!


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