Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mixbook Give Away & Alphabitty Moments - letter C

Welcome to week three of Alphabitty Moments! This is an exciting week in Bear County because I have been given the opportunity to offer one of YOU a $50.00 Mixbook gift card compliments of the fine folks at But first I want to take a moment to explain what Alphabitty Moments is all about for those of you who are just joining us.

I created this carnival as a way to record the little things my kids do. The special occasions get enough attention in photographs, blog posts, and storytelling. These keepsake book pages are meant to take a closer look at the ordinary and every day moments of childhood. Some day we will look back on all the little things and realize they were really the big things.

For more information on the roots of Alphabitty Moments click here. As far as participating, it's pretty simple: Each week (usually Thursdays) post a word that begins with the letter of the week and a corresponding photograph.

For example: Here is my page for the letter C using Mixbook's easy online bookmaking software. (No they are not paying me to say that - I am just that excited about their product that I can't help myself!) I started using cloth diapers right before Julia turned 6 months old. I wasn't able to use them as long as I would have liked due to the fact that she outgrew them SO fast. (She was 20 pounds at 4 months and 36 pounds on her second birthday.) The bottom picture is special to us because it's the one Kissaluvs chose for their Mothering Magazine ad a couple years ago.

I haven't parted with my stash of diapers yet (it would help if I actually posted them to CraigsList I suppose) but when I do, I will be keeping a couple for myself as a reminder of the days when my laundry basket was always filled with soft fluffy diapers.

(Seen here with last week's letter B is for Beauty Shop....)

Sam's pages are in the works. I need to take a couple more photos when it's light out and then I can post his layout.

So now for the details of the give away....

To be entered in the drawing for a $50 Mixbook gift card follow these steps:

1) go to and sign up for an account. Everything is done online which is really nice for group projects and for saving space on your harddrive.

2) Have fun creating at least one layout in a Mixbook album (Be careful! It's addicting!)

3) Post a page from your new project on your blog. Please note - the layout does NOT have to be an Alphabitty Moments page - ANY theme/subject qualifies.

4) Come back here and enter your link in the MckLinky below. Please be sure to enter the specific post link, not just your blog address. (If you choose not to participate in the give-away you can still enter your link for Alphabitty Moments in the MckLinky.)

#5 is optional (but one of the most fun parts of Alphabitty Moments) visit other blogs and be inspired by their creations using

I will draw one winner after 8pm (central time) on October 1st. Good Luck Everyone!!!

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  1. Look at how chubby she was! Emma was the same way--she's about to turn two, and yesterday at WIC she weighed in at 37 pounds.
    I'm taking a big of a break from AM, but next round you can bet I'll be using Mixbook! :-)

  2. Aww look how cute she is, I can't believe how much she has changed since then.

  3. I love the Alphabitty idea. That is so cute. I just ran across your blog and I am definitely going to join in on the fun. I can't figure out how to get the Alphabitty button though?

  4. Blogger wouldn't let me comment anywhere yesterday!!! Trying again today!

    I LOVE your layouts, and Julia is just so stinking cute! And way to go on the writing! Apparently she's paying attention when you work with Sam!

    I really wish I could find a way to get paid to make books for people. I could play on Mixbook all day!

  5. Oh my goodness, she's adorable! Great layout, too. Love it!

  6. I love mixbook. It is so much more flexible than blurb. The one thing that I don't like is that they are pushing out enhancements that have not always been fully tested that have caused me some issues the day I seem to need to order a book. Blurb does seem to be a bit more stable, but you have to love mixbook. I just added my link!


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