Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - the letter D

Welcome to Alphabitty Moments and week two of the $50 give-a-way! There is still time to enter, but you'll have to go to this post to enter the link to your own post that includes a page from a mixbook book you've made.

Here is my page for the week....
I took these pictures the very first time Julia put on a tutu (my little sister's old one). She knew what to do without being told. She twirled. She pranced. She gazed in the mirror.

I posted about that night here.

She hasn't stopped dancing since that day. If there is music, (like today in the toy aisle at Walmart) she's grooving. I love that she feels confident enough to do her own thing - be her own person.



  1. That is so precious!!!! Thank you for visiting my blog!!! My blog frog told me so!!! hehe

    My youngest (2) is like that; he will sing and dance, but my oldest (5) is very shy and won't even let us hear him sing ;).

  2. Beautiful pictures! Little girls in tuts are one of my favs, so cute! It was good meeting you and your children the other day. Sam gave my daughter a hug goodbye when we left, it was pretty cute. :)

  3. Adorable. It's amazing how automatic things like little girls and tutus dancing..and littl boys with trucks making the vroom noise is.

  4. So funny that she picked right up on what to do - it's amazing! Her personality really shows here ... I bet she's quite bubbly!

  5. Adorable, Did you make a page for Sam?

  6. So cute! I love the belly shot!

  7. Love the pictures! I could just eat up her little tummy :-)

  8. She's adorable, and I love your layout!

    Hope the rain lets up for you!


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