Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - The Letter B

Welcome to round two of Alphabitty Moments! I created this carnival as a way to record the little things my kids do. The special occasions get enough attention in photographs, blog posts, and storytelling. These keepsake book pages are meant to take a closer look at the ordinary and every day moments of childhood. Some day we will look back on all the little things and realize they were really the big things.

For more information on the roots of Alphabitty Moments click here. As far as participating, it's pretty simple: Each week (usually Thursdays) post a word that begins with the letter of the week and a corresponding photograph. (creating scrapbook pages is optional. I used for the last book, but am using for this round.

Need more inspiration? This link will take you through all my posts from our previous trip through the alphabet. One thing I'm going to do differently with my mixbook is to do one letter on one page instead of a two page spread. It will save me money and it will encourage me to create pages that are a bit more cohesive.

Julia's page:

This week, B is for Beauty shop. When Julia says it it's more like bouy shop, but that makes it all that much cuter. I sit on the floor with a towel wrapped around my shoulders and she works her magic with bows, a squirt bottle and a (sharp) comb. It brings back memories of combing my dad's hair when I was a kid with a little black comb that I would stick in the a cup of water to get wet. I wonder how many times I stabbed him over the years! Getting poked with the comb every once in a while is WAY better than getting water sprayed in my ears. Not that I would know.

Today was the first day of school for Sam and therefore the first day of mother/daughter bonding time. I can't think of any other way that I'd like to spend the morning with my daughter.

Sam's page:

Off and on for the past three years Brianna has been coming to our house while her parents were at work and/or school. She is a huge part of Sam and Julia's childhood. I know this book is about the little things, but I can't help but record this very special friendship Sam shares with his friend Bea. I want Sam to be able to look back years from now and see how little he was when his friendship with Brianna began.

Now it's your turn...What little moment do you want to remember for the letter B?

And now for the winner of the prize from last week.....the random number generator chose one of the tweets that went out mentioning #alphabittymoments. Congratulations go out to Mommy Bear over at the Bear Bunch. Rather fitting don't ya think? Mommy Bear would you leave me comment telling me which letters would be appropriate for you family so I can send you a special alphabet related prize?

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  1. Your layouts are gorgeous!!! I hope you find imitation to be a form of flattery because I'll probably copy some of your ideas!

    I'm wishing I had gone with the one page layout idea simply for the cost factor.

  2. Mama Bear, you are up waaay too early to be posting. Either you don't sleep or you set it to post for you. I may be up at 6 but not awake enough to post.

    Cute layouts BTW. I participate in this, except I rarely see my dd anymore due to our conflicting schedules.

    Glad you got Photoshop to do transparent backgrounds. When I was explaining your predicament to my dh (who had read about it on our blog), I realized that I have transparent backgrounds in my siggy and a few other places. Clearly I was too tired to figure out what I was trying to help you with.


  3. Awesome B layouts - they're an inspiration to me! :0) I love the story behind Beauty Shop! Too cute!

  4. I love Sam's page...What a great idea, I should have done Nathan's best buddy Ayden last week. =)

  5. I am just starting digital scrapbooking, so hopefully in a few weeks I can have a page to go along with my picture.
    Toni (The Happy Housewife)

  6. Loving the layouts this time around - super creative eye candy! :)

  7. I rarely click through since I read you in my google reader. I love your blog, posts, pics and awesome layouts!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us : -)

  8. Oh yay! I am soooo excited!

    M and B are important letters for us.

    Melly Bear
    Mikey Bear

    Get it? :)

    Thank you so much!


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