Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Got Milk*

* Julia's mustache is actually melted ice cream.
The kids and I still continue to drink only almond milk (unsweetened vanilla with a dash of sweetened vanilla), but we do have an occasional ice cream treat. I couldn't pass up the chance to have her picture taken with Amy (top row in the middle) at National Night Out a few weeks ago. She is the PapaBear's second cousin.


  1. Super cute pics! Why, amy I ask, do you not drink milk? I always love to hear people's reasons behind their always makes me think twice about my own decisions.

  2. I have a friend whose children only drink goat's milk. I often wonder why now cow's too? I really haven't done any research as to why or why not. Curious....

  3. Oh my! What a dolly! I am curious about your milk stance, too! My Scotty has terrible allergies, and he cannot drink cow's milk. After researching and researching I finally settled on goat's milk, which he is doing wonderfully with. But I was close to choosing almond, and I would love to read a post on your thoughts on this. {grin}

  4. Where do you get Almond milk? We have been using Soy milk, but we sooo need to get off of it. There is soy in about everything we eat, and I know thats just too much.

    Almond milk sounds perfect. We already snack on raw almonds as it is.

    Love and Prayers,



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