Friday, August 14, 2009

Catching Up - by the numbers

2.5 - the # of inches of rain we received Thursday night and into Friday
3.5 - the # of inches of rain we received Friday night
2 - the # of times we went to the fair this year
10 - the # of rides my kids went on
1 - the # of goats that tried to eat Julia's hair
6 - the # of days Julia's hair has been in braids
1 - the # of alligators my kids held at the fair
5 - the # of dollars I spent to have this photo taken

2.5 - the # of corn dogs I ate
1.5 the # of bags of cotton candy our family shared
1 - the # of rides it took for me to get nauseous at the fair (the kiddy boat ride)
0 - the # of rides I went on after that
8 - the # of people I knew that we ran into at the fair (including the midwife who delivered Julia)
50+ - the # of days since we had any long periods of rain
12 - the # of CD's my book on 'tape' is
3 - the # of days of VBS we had this week
4 - the # of days we have to work at the Park Day Camp on the same days as VBS
1 - the # of fires I (with help) put out last week
2 - the # of times I had to knock on campers doors to tell them about storm warnings
6 - the # of times my glasses fogged up because it's so humid today
341 - the # of pages my current blog book is
90 - the high temp for today
5 - the # of minutes before we leave for the beach

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I posted my 'catch up' post, then saw you had done the same. Great minds.....

    Only yours is more concise. Mine's more like a novel.

  2. That picture is great! And the beach sounds FABULOUS right about now! :)

  3. What a great picture! Ryan fed some last year, but never got to HOLD one! wow!

  4. I love the look on Julia's face--priceless! You've been busy, friend!

  5. Just found you blog. I think the goat eating the hair is a classic! :O)

  6. I love your catch up by numbers posts! Your fair ride reminds me of my post about ride...the "wacky caterpillar" might get a kick out of it.;)

  7. Love the post! Love the picture too! Wright Co or Carver?


  8. I just listened to a book on tape that was 20 CDs long. It took forever. In the end I liked it but it took a while to get moving.


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