Monday, August 31, 2009

BearCountry S'mores

First you brown your marshmallow on all sides.

When they look like this,
sandwich a marshmallow between two Fudge Stripe Cookies*
Enjoy the gooey goodness!

*I know this isn't the traditional way to make S'mores, but this is the way I grew up eating S'mores and I much prefer the ease (and price tag) of bringing a single package of Fudge Stripes camping.

**Optional step for adults: Soak your marshmallows in Bailey's Irish Cream before roasting them. We learned this trick from our friend Mrs. Hanson and our S'mores have never been the same!

*** Chocolate chip cookies also work in place of graham crackers and Hershey's chocolate.

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  1. Mmmmm! Those look delish! We discovered, when we were camping in bear country, that our favorite s'mores are made with the traditional marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two cinnamon graham crackers. They were SO good, and I'll never go back to plan graham crackers!

  2. Baileys eh? I see our upcoming New Hampshire vacation looking much better already LOL!

  3. They look so good! I have never tried smores with cookies! I'm going to have to give the Bailey's marshmallows a try, too!

  4. Yummy, this is how we make our s'mores too! :)

  5. Yum-Oh! I might have to beg hubby for a fire tonight!

  6. I LOVE THAT BAILEY'S IDEA! Yum, that could be dangerous...

  7. I'll give you one guess...who just returned from the store with dinner items and FudgeStripes???

  8. Oh wow! All those ideas sound delish! Just wish we had somewhere to toast our marshmallows, I think a fire pit is in order.

  9. By the way, our grocery store also had chocolate covered grahams (also Keebler) that were covered only on one side...

  10. We love our smore's with milk chocolate frosting (way creamer than chocolate bars) on one graham cracker, and creamy peanut butter on the other one! Haven't tried them any other way, might have to try this though! I am not a huge fan of Bailey's but might try that too!!!

  11. We went to the grocery BEFORE I read this post...grrr

  12. Those look yummy! I usually burn my marshmallow and then eat it! I have made smores on my gas stove in a pinch.

  13. Now, if those don't look absolutely delicious!

  14. SERIOUSLY?! Are you kidding me?!
    Double yum.
    Triple yum.

    Now I want to go camping again so I can use those ideas!!!!

    My S'more love = graham cracker, reeses peanut butter cup, and toasty marshmallows...mmmm.

  15. YUM!!!! I am adding fudge stripes to the list of things I am getting to bring up to the lake tomorrow!!!! Wow, I had never thought of using those. I can't wait! :)
    Hope you have a good weekend!


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