Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - the letter Z

We did it ladies! We made it all the way through the alphabet! When I started Alphabitty Moments back in February I had no idea how attached I would become to this very special memory book. Sure, come Wednesday night as I often scrambled to find the perfect word to go with the letter of the week, I might have questioned what in the world I was thinking, but I knew it was worth it and I'm more than ready to get started all over again!

Thank you to those who have participated over the past year - one week or every week, you have inspired me to keep looking for the little things - to savor them, to photograph them, and to take the time to record them here on my blog.

Don't forget that next week we'll be posting our cover designs for those who eventually will be turning their pages into an album. There was some discussion in my Forest Forum about using the Alphabitty Moments button for a book cover option so leave me a comment if you want me to email that to you. You are welcome to edit it however you see fit to make it work with your book - if that's the route you decide to take.

And now on to the final letter.....I feel like we should have a drum roll, but since it is almost 1am, I doubt PapaBear would appreciate it as much as I would.

This time around Z is for.....

The kids were able to enjoy more of the county fair this year thanks to a certain aunt of theirs. (THANK YOU!!!!!!) Some day they won't be excited to putter around in a circle or enjoy the simple pleasure of a giant slide so while they are little we'll make the most of the little kid rides that zoom around in circles just fast enough to make my stomack churn.

My goal was to insert the 4 images as circles like this next picture but I couldn't figure out how to crop the image correctly in photoshop. The background is transparent, but it imports into Booksmart with white around the edges. Any thoughts on how to crop to circles? If I don't figure it out before I print the book I'll have to come up with a different design. The squares over circles just aren't going to cut it.



  1. To make circle crops in PhotoShop change the marquee square to the elliptical shape. Hold down the shift key to make a perfect circle. Go to "select" choose "inverse" then hit delete. Voilá. Love the design too.

  2. Oops forgot about having the white background. You probably need to "export a transparent image." It's an automated program under "help". Both of these comments refer to everything on a Mac. I have no idea how different it is on a PC. Still like the design and the whole alphabities concept.

  3. WE MADE IT!!!! Love your Z--why didn't you use Zofran? ;-)

  4. Z is for zzzzs, but I am not going to do it this week. In fact, today, except for a short post, I"m just trying to read other people's blogs and be inspired to blog again. I seriously have had the love of blogging drained out of me. I have zero creativity and I feel very...blah. How awful. However, my basement is getting a good cleaning!

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