Friday, July 24, 2009

Taking it 'easy'

No photo shoots.
No book deadlines breathing down my neck.
No proof sites to post.
No consults with brides.

I'm taking it easy.

I'm cleaning the house.
I'm cooking meals.
I'm going to an ice cream social.
I'm filing paperwork.
I'm reading stories.
I'm cleaning out the garage.
I'm singing songs with the kids.
I'm watching birds in their nest.
I'm washing outside toys.
I'm working in the garden.
I'm listening to music.
I'm folding laundry.
I'm organizing my cupboards.
I'm playing on the rocks.

I'm taking it easy.

I'll be in the campground office for 8 hours.
I'll be getting through a weekend in the park that includes a wedding, a community room event, a campout under the stars event, and a boy scout group.

I'm taking it easy....

Maybe not as easy as Julia, but a week of being a SAHM has been so refreshing!


  1. Oh ... I want to run and join julia!!! Taking it easy looks like so much fun, but we need to finish unpacking and building a retainingwall, so we can get our irragation in, so we can lay sod, so we are not living in an acre of dirt and mud ... then I'll be headed for the campground and taking it easy ;-)

  2. Sorry... anonymous is me...Amanda from i am mommy.

  3. That picture is such perfect!!!

    I just gotta tell you... Ihave going back and reading about your ABC-Alphability Moments, and I am totally sold!! I would LOVE to start that with you when A comes back around... what a wonderful creation it is... I wish more people could see the genius and benefit behind it... and the priceless reward!!

    Many blessings-

  4. I LOVED this post.

    Good stuff right there.

    Glad you're finally getting to take it easy...;)

  5. Also love the post and will think about starting out when you are on "A".

  6. oh I LOVE that picture... was it with the 15mm?


  7. Good for you!!! I think I need to take you lead and enjoy some "taking it easy" time too. Enjoy yourself!


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