Sunday, July 12, 2009

"We live in a campground"

When will I learn that I cannot explain our living situation with with that statement? People either think we have a canvas roof over our heads every night or they think I'm kidding.

At the campfire stories program on Saturday night I had the opportunity to talk to a family that showed a great deal of interest in our caretaker position. I never tire of explaining how our job works or how we were blessed with this wonderful life. If you are interested in reading the posts that have to do with our life in the park, search "park life" and all the posts related to living here will pop up.

In a nutshell...My sister-in-law's friend knew we were looking for park and recreation jobs and told Sharon about this gig when she saw it in the paper. We applied back in March of 2008. Went through the interview process and within 20 minutes of walking out of our first interview we were called back for the second one.

God is good. He is faithful and provided for our family in such an amazing way!!

We check in campers, take reservations, lock and unlock the gate, rent shelters, check restrooms, rent cross country skis, work in the office etc....

The perks far outweigh the hassle of being at the beck and call of 200 people every weekend. We walk out our backdoor and have hundreds of acres to explore and the walk to the campfire program?

It takes 60 seconds.

Watching the sun set behind the campground every night is a tough job, but someone has to do it - thankfully we do it with a real roof over our heads and not a canvas one.



  1. Personally, I'm jealous of the raspberries in your backyard... We have to come visit you sometime when it's not FREEZING outside!

  2. See! You didn't need to hire me to post for you:) You do GREAT on your own! ...besides, I can barely keep up with my blog these days.

    I'm sure it has it's moments but living on a campground DOES sound fun! What an amazing place for kids to grow up!

  3. what a cool life! has got to be a great place to raise kids!

  4. I think it sounds awesome to be living surrounded by nature every day! My kids would love that!

    (Hopping over from BlogFrog)


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