Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's a blog (m)eet blog world

It all started a couple weeks back when I met up with Brittany. Then this past Thursday I met Jennisa, who writes the first blog I ever read that was written by someone I didn't know in real life. Did you follow all that? If not. Here's the gist: I've had the privilege of meeting two of my long time blogging friends who are as sweet, real, & funny in person as they are on their blogs and hang out with my my dear friend MckMama at the same time.

Yesterday I made some new friends at the MckPicnic that also happen to blog. Sure we talked blogging, but it was more about connecting with other moms who share common interests. Jenna and her husband Aaron will be coming out to our campground next month with their adorable daughter Camille. Can't wait!

Sam made a new friend too. Caleb happens to live one block away from our cousin Caleb way on the other side of the metro. Small world! (I'll save the really small world story for when I post the group picture from the brunch)

All the activity wore Julia out so I had her take a nap in the Kozy.

An hour later she was back in action again....

The cool weather didn't stop us from having a blast with our friends, both old and new.

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  1. Super cute pictures!! I just loved when you had Julia in the Kozy! That was too precious! :)

    Looking forward to seeing our MckBrunch picture!

  2. love the pictures, again extremely jealous distance prevents me probably never meeting my on-line friends:)

  3. Sweet pictures! So nice you got to attend the picnic and meet other fellow bloggers.

  4. It was great getting a chance to meet you at the picnic Saturday...and seeing those adorable curls in person! We'll have to check out your campground sometime too, especially considering it's really not that far from home.

  5. Great pictures!!! Thats so awesome that some families are coming out to the campground! I hope you guys have an amazing time... and get some amazing pictures... and blog about it all!

    Many blessings-

  6. Looks like you had a great time! Must have been so much fun to get to meet people! So sweet the SB fell asleep in the cozy with you. Jack has come close to doing that a couple of times. Cna't wait to see more pictures!

  7. Looks like everyone had a fun time. I am enjoying looking through the photos from the MckPicnic so I can feel like I was there.

    I saw your last post about straw bale gardening and have never heard of it before but am really interested in learning more about it. I am assuming you have more posts about it and am going to search your blog in a moment.

    Also, I will be contacting you about the address card soon. I just may find time to gather my brain. Just maybe. {smile}

  8. We did have fun, didn't we!? I'm defintely looking forward to camping next month. And I'm sure we'll both be blogging about it!

  9. Just visiting your blog from the MckBrunch list!

    I enjoyed looking through your blog. We are a camp enjoying family (we were camping all weekend, in fact) and the idea of actually living at a camp makes me want to jump up and down.

    I will look forward to reading your blog in the future! It was nice to actually SEE people instead of just *meeting* them!


  10. Nice pics! I especially like the one of you and Julia!

  11. Great pictures! Glad you have had a bunch of fun!! :) That last one of SB, her eyes are just shining with fun!!

  12. Lovely photos! Looks like such a fun time!! {grin}

  13. Hi - I'm a first time visitor to your blog. My husband and I are going to be through Minnesota next month on our way to Rainy Lake in Canada for a week. Where is your campground? We are planning on pulling our travel trailer so we can do some sightseeing after our wee of fishing. Do you have any sites that are a must to visit? We are retired educators from the Panhandle of Texas. Thanks!

  14. I only got to say Hi in passing, but thoroughly enjoyed EVERYONE's company!!!

    So we are HUGE campers, and live in SW MN - I would SOOOO come and camp at your place any day!

  15. So loved these pics!

    Looking forward to hopefully meeting Jennifer and the MSC someday myself.

    Love and Prayers,


  16. Visiting from the link on Jennifer's blog!

    I LOVE your little girl's curls!!!


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