Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Garden Update (as of June 19th)

I've been blogging via twitter a lot the past month. There is so much going on and very little time to get pictures from my camera onto blogger - time that I'd rather be spending with my family or generating income. If only I could make money from blogging I'd be all set!

I took these pictures June 19th and they are already incredibly outdated. The tomatoes you see in the front cages there? Well, this morning they have reached the top of the cage. I will do my best to update based on what was happening when these pictures were taken and leave the excitement of eating our first cherry tomatoes for a different post.

When I planted the garden I had no idea that you are suppose to plant things every couple of weeks. My beans didn't come up very well at all so I decided to give a second planting a try. The timing of that planting was perfect. They burst through the ground within a few days and haven't looked back.

The larger plant on the left there is my transplanted zucchini. It survived being pulled from the ground and is enjoying it's new home on the bean bale.

This is a picture of the peppers starting to bloom. They struggled there for a while with the leaves curling up but they've recovered nicely and despite a few mushrooms that like to latch on to the lower leaves, they are getting bigger every day.

It's exciting to see so many blossoms on the tomato plants!

Note how much more the beans grew in 3 days...

By far the best producing plant right now is the cherry tomatoes. The 4 plants I put in as an afterthought have tons of blooms on them. (see plants in cage on right).

They are hard to see but there are 2 carrots growing beneath the cherry tomatoes. I tried planting more carrot seeds, but they didn't take. (Tried more lettuce too and that failed)I added a round of organic fertilizer this week to keep the proper nutrient balance. I will probably continue to alternate manure and fertilizer every couple of weeks throughout the growing season.

So there you have it - a long overdue update on the straw bale garden. If this is the first time you've read about my little project you can click here for all related posts.

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  1. Looks like it's doing great! Our peppers and tomatoes are blooming as well. I'm a little concerned about our bell pepper plants, they're still quite small. If only we could get more rain...

  2. I was wondering how your garden was going. Thanks for updating, especially with the pictures. Happy eating!

  3. Your garden looks great! I had (key word had) 28 been plants, the rabbits ate every single one of them! Keep up the awesome work!

  4. I am so jealous! We had a baby in November and a garden just didn't happen for us this year. Just too dang busy!

    Everything in your garden looks awesome.

  5. your garden looks great! did you plant in straw bales?


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