Thursday, July 23, 2009

Building Community

One of the main things that stuck out to me about this past weekend of MckMama sponsored events is the immediate sense of community I felt with a group of ladies I've never met. (I blogged about the mckpicnic and mckbrunch here.) Was I nervous to meet so many people at one time? Of course!
But that quickly faded as we learned more about each other and talked for hours. There are playdates in the works, families coming out to camp at our campground, and new blogs to read. We had so much in common and making connections with other moms is Fun! Fun! Fun!

Speaking of fun and community, have you noticed my new Forest Forum on my side bar? It's a great place to go to start up a discussion on any topic you'd like feedback on from me and other readers. It would have perfect for the discussion on this parenting post!

You can go to to learn more about what the Blog Frog can do to build a community on your blog. You never know, you might end up finding out that your next door neighbor is a blogger too! (Or in my case, the lady standing behind me at the Pizza Place reads MckMama's blog and recognized me at the MckBrunch.)


  1. Wow - your photo makes we wish even more that I could have come to the MckPicnic. I feel like I know so many of you. Thanks for including TheBlogFrog in your post! I will be sure to share with everyone at Blogher09 via Twitter. Thank you!

    Holly at TheBlogFrog

  2. Holly tweeted you at Blogher. If you tweet her back @hollyk, you'll win a cute little Blogfrog tshirt!

  3. Great post! What a great group of people!

    When we met you said you lived at Baylor but I didn't realize that you live AT Baylor! How awesome! We love to camp! Even though it's so close we'll still come and camp "local".


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