Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Hop - 3 things you didn't know about me....

This week's Blog Hop is about sharing things people might not know about us. My favorite part of coming up with things for these type of memes is that someday my kids will be able to know even more about their mom. So here you go...three things you might didn't know about me....

1) I didn't have Barbie Dolls growing up. I played with them when I went to a friend's, but I wasn't allowed (and didn't really care) to have my own.

2) I've never had a pedicure.

3) I injured my right shoulder in high school so I taught myself how to serve a volleyball left handed so I could keep playing a sport I love.

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  1. Taught yourself to serve left handed? Really? That's dedication. :) I'm blog hopping. Happy Tuesday.

  2. hi! new to the mck linky blog hop...

    definitely get a pedicure. i had one the day before i got married and it was so awesome :)

  3. HOW COULD YOU HAVE NEVER HAD A PEDICURE? Ok i am done yelling ha ha ha :) Umm they are the best thing ever but I guess you don't know what your missing out on so its not that gib of a deal ;)

    I played valleyball in middle school and high school as well! I served left handed but thats just cause I am left handed !!

  4. Ive never had a pedicure either:) Something about someone touching me feet:)

  5. *gasps in horror* Never had a pedicure? Are you one of those "DON'T TOUCH MY FEET!!" people? I used to be, but pedicures are different. *grin*

  6. I was never really fond of barbie dolls either. I had a preference for my brother's GI Joe.

    ...And a bit of advice if you ever do decide to get a pedicure. Shave your legs first! I've made the mistake of not doing this too many times and I get weird looks. hehe

  7. Go get a pedicure right now this minute. They are wonderful. :-)

  8. As a Mama of some very cute kids - you deserve a pedi! :)

    Blog hopping today! Happy Wednesday!


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