Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - the letter V

Welcome to Alphabitty Moments! This is a carnival where we remember the little things our kids do, one letter at a time. We're on the letter V, but in a month we'll be back at the beginning of the alphabet and would love to have you join the creative and inspirational group that have joined me in this alphabet adventure.

One thing that we haven't discussed is the topic of book cover designs for those who are creating scrapbook pages each week I've started a discussion thread in my BlogFrog Community where we can bounce ideas off each other for this special 'page' layout. (Scrapbook pages aren't a requirement for participation - posting pictures like a regular post is fine too).
OK enough housekeeping stuff...on to one of the hardest letters for me...V

I chose Vroom for Sammy because he's spent the past 2 1/2 years playing with matchbox cars, many of which were mine when I was a child. The motor sounds morphed into dinosaur roars in the past six months, but I don't ever want to forget the time he has spent playing with cars/trucks/trains.

Julia's V word is voice.

She started talking a year before her brother and it has been so fun to watch her language skills develop over time. It's been more subtle, but lately her words are becoming clearer and the conversations hilarious.

I added a couple of them to the right page in her book, but there's another one I just have to share:

At the chiropractor last week she didn't want to come with when it was time to leave so I said, "Do you want to stay here and I'll pick you up next Monday?"

"That not a good idea"

"OK then let's go to the grocery store and get garlic and lemon for the fish" (we were grilling for lunch)

"Why? Are they hunry?"


Now it's your turn to share your V word for the week.



  1. That was such a cute idea for both "v"s . Aren't little minds amazing. When they finally speak they show why God put them on this earth. People think they cant comprehend anything, those people clearly never take the time to listen to a little. Happy day.

  2. Great pictures for "V". (Yes, I'm still here!)

    I love that last comment by Julia! What a riot!

  3. Very good ideas! I love Julia--especially "wearing" painted toenails--how cute is that? :-)

  4. Oh wow! Hearing Julia's snippets makes me excited for when Nick starts talking! Great v's, Mama!

  5. Very cute!! Just wanted to let you know that I added "followers" to my sidebar JUST FOR YOU! You're welcome :) Oh, and I am SO looking forward to you-know-what in just a few short weeks!!


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