Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - the letter U (and last week's T)

Welcome to Alphabitty Moments - where we record the little things our kids do - one letter at a time....or sometimes two letters at a time when summer craziness take precedence over blogging.

Last week I worked on this layout for T - for truck but didn't get it posted with the rest of the pages....

Sam loved and still loves his trucks. He plays with them every single day. When I look at this picture I will be reminded of before he knew how to talk and the grunts he would make from his carseat every time we saw a deliver/construction/garbage/BIG truck.

Moving on.....

The official letter for this week is "U"....

I chose these images from sleeping in the tent over the 4th. We only get campsites in the campground when we have friends over to camp - otherwise we pitch the tent behind the house and enjoy watching the moon rise over the disc golf course. This year was an improvement over last year. Someday we won't all fit in the little tent (for the record - PapaBear and I took turns sleeping in the tent with the kids this year). Until that day comes, I will cherish the slippery sleeping bag snuggles and the giggles of tired kids who love being outside.

What little thing do you want to remember? (If you are new to my carnival you can click on the button in the upper left hand corner for more information.) The best recommendation I can make is to visit the blogs of the other participants. They are very good at this and always come up with the most creative words each week!

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  1. I love your letter "U!" Great photos on both letter! :)

  2. I always love your pages, friend. We have a "few" trucks around here too!


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