Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 3 R's

Resting....Relaxing....and Remembering....

Our 4th of July holiday has been quiet considering the shear volumes of people in our park. PapaBear and I even snuck away for a date one night! We went to the Splash pad one day, met Brittany and her family the next, ate our fill of yummy food the next while enjoying the company of good friends, and today I got to hold my niece through church.

After PapaBear returns from picking berries we're headed to the beach. I should have just enough time to finish up a proof site for a client leaving my load that much lighter for the start of the work week tomorrow.

Hope you all had a safe 4th of July weekend filled with restful nights, relaxing days, and remembering of the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom!


  1. That picture is so sweet. I love the 4th of July--so glad yours was fun! I have my neice (ie? ei? I never know...) for a week now, I'm really going to enjoy her! (She's 18--it'll be like having a nanny!)

  2. What a sweet picture of Julia! Was she sleeping or just pretending? Love the smile on her face. Glad y'all had a great Fourth. Now on with Summer...

  3. What a sweet picture! We had a relaxing 4th of July as well. Still working on trying to put our weekend into words with the pictures...I seem to have gone blank.

    It sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend.

  4. Charming photograph, I could imagine how busy the campground has been. Our parks have been extremely busy in NJ as well.

  5. That picture is just adorable!!!

  6. Glad you had a great 4th of July - and yay for date night!!

  7. Did you ever end up meeting Brittney?


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