Friday, June 19, 2009

My 'A' Game

Last weekend as we prepared for the 200+ people who'd be coming into the campground in the back of my mind was the thought that I should probably put a little effort into my apperence for a change considering I was going to be meeting a reader of my blog for the first time. No photoshopped images, just the read deal. I never did have the time to take my ponytail down or scrounge up some make up, but you know what? It didn't matter.

When I met Heather and her family it was as if they'd been coming out to camp here for years. Oh wait. They have been. It's just that I didn't know it. See, Heather's in-laws live on the other side of the lake from me. Heather and her husband bring their five children over to the campground every year to visit with grandma and grandpa. This year we got to hang out too.

We ate a picnic lunch under the willow tree, hiked up to the observatory to see the rings on Saturn, and did a marathon photo shoot with Heather's youngest, Mary......

Thanks for trapsing all over the park with me Heather! I look forward to your next visit to Bear Country!



  1. OH.MY.STARS!!!! ;)

    That black and white one is SO gorgeous!!
    Great job! ...and so fun meeting bloggy people...I hope to...someday.:)

  2. Oh .... My baby is soooo cute!!! OK, your photography is good too! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We love Bear Country and the camground. It was so much fun to meet you in person. Hope to trapse all over the park again soon.

  3. Mary is a cutie!

    Glad you had such a good time :)

  4. The top photo in blue! all are great, but that one just pops! DC

  5. Well I don't have a girl but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be wearing a tutu to a campground, so the photoshoot must have been planned :o) I like the teaset one, but I like them all. I hope your wedding photoshoot goes well today, rooting for you!

  6. super cute pictures!!! great shoot.

    Just wanted to let you know: I Left you an award on my blog and added a link to your blog from mine..go check it out!

  7. Oh, my word, that middle one (B&w) is GORGEOUS! It took my breath away. Beautiful!

  8. Mamí♥PictureJune 22, 2009 at 3:29 AM

    Aww, what a cutie pie! She is Beautiful♥

  9. Sounds like everyone has a different favorite. I LOVE the tea party on the rocks! So cute.

    Oh, and Jenney, my oldest spent an entire summer in a yellow tutu and purple rain boots, so a tutu at a campground is not entirely out of the question! :)

  10. She's absolutely adorable and that tutu, it's "tutu" precious! HA!

    It's so fun to meet bloggy friends...

  11. These came out absolutely beautiful! What fun to meet a bloggy friend!

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