Monday, June 1, 2009

My Favorite Things

For a while now I have been focused on what we've eliminated from our life.....pop (since 6-1-08), dairy/coffee (5-1-09), and TV (7-8-08) but as those habits fall by the wayside I've been focusing on the things I'm enjoying these days - some are little indulgences, others are a special part of our lifestyle here in BearCountry, and a few are things that I've recently discovered....

Like #1 on my list (which by the way is not ranked at all):

Homemade relish - onions, cilantro, Italian seasoning, a drizzle of Italian dressing, chopped tomato, and sometimes lettuce. YUM!

#2 Eating on our big wrap-around deck - especially when it includes flowers from home and lemonade...

#3 Pita Pockets - I've bought these in the past, but on a recent trip I found some from the Damascus Bakery that are incredibly soft and quite GOOD! I have some checking on a few of the ingredients to do yet but at least they aren't hot dog buns or filler bread. The bag on the right definitely a healthy option, but of course, they are a tad dry.

It is so nice to be able to keep the kids sandwiches from falling apart and not spend $4 on a loaf of bread that isn't very healthy. (PapaBear only likes white and then I fight the battle with the kids about which kind of bread they have to eat...) This way we just don't have bread in the house. Period.

Another new taste at our house is #4 on my list: Almond milk. Rice milk didn't go over all that well, but we're doing OK with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

I love that I can buy a bunch and keep them in my cupboard until I need one. Saves room in my refrigerator and trips to the store.

Speaking of going to the store... This handy little bag is #5. I keep it in my purse for those times when I end up having a lot of extra little things to haul home from wherever. Today we used it when we made an impromptu stop at the grocery store to pick up lunch to eat at the Mall. I was glad I didn't have to carry a Cub Foods bag through Von Maur.

Sometimes I use my Chico bag to hold this bag.... #6 - My Wahmies Diaper Bag

"But I thought you were done with potty training?" I am, but a mom always has to be prepared! I use this bag to contain wipes, spare training pants, and an extra outfit. It's waterproof since it was designed to hold wet cloth diapers so if Julia has an accident I have a place to put her wet clothes without having to worry about the smell.

The few times I flew with the kids while they were in diapers we used this same set up, only with diapers. It's SO much easier to grab the bag with all the supplies in rather than digging for each individual item.

Speaking of bags, #7 is my purse, a Christmas present from MckMama, I don't know how I survived without it. Before this beauty came into my life and turned me into a grown up, I was content to schlep around my trusty EddieBaur backpack diaper bag with all the necessities crammed inside.

Isn't it funny what makes us suddenly feel all grown up?

Like seeing my daughter in her swimming suit this year sans swim diaper - #8 on my Favorite Things list for the summer of 2009.

Already she's been spending lots of time outdoors in her various suits. One of my favorite places to hang out is over there...

...under the giant willow trees - #9 on my list. Growing up I always wanted to spread a blanket out under huge willows and read.

When we're not down by the willows we're enjoying #10 - Our hammocks

Or over there watering my garden. This is my #11. I love tending to the plants that are growing in the straw. PapaBear often offers to water the garden for me, but I enjoy doing it.

My final favorite thing is Bit-O-Honey - #12 We may be eating tons of fruits and veggies , but this little treat reminds me of my childhood and hits the spot when I need a little something sweet...

The kids have a few favorites right now as well...

#1: Awesome Grandma Garage Sale finds....

#2 Running through the sprinkler

I suppose I could count these as my favorites too...the kids are playing together and good about entertaining themselves. It's going to be a fun summer!!!!

Now it's your turn - what are some of YOUR favorite things?

(I had intended to post a Mr. Linky, but the site is not cooperating so it'll have to wait)

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  1. Oh - I think I love all your favorites, too...but I have yet to find a good pita POCKET. Mmmmmm.

    And a swim suit without a swim diaper - gotta love that!! One down, one to go here. :-)

  2. Mamí♥PictureJune 2, 2009 at 1:47 AM

    I love it!!! I love it all !!! that first picture, Yummy!!!! that looks so good! Pita Pockets are delicious! Almond Milk huh? I am going to try that. Aww and your baby girl looks PRECIOUS in that swimming suit!
    I will blog about my 2009 favorite things later this week, I'll let you know!
    Good Night MamaBear!!!

  3. That relish looks divine! I'll have to try it. You are a brave soul giving up all those things. I bet if I ever gave all of those things up, that is when I would feel like an adult!

    Some of my favorite things right now? "Salsa Y'all"...a salsa that I can only find down here (as you might have guessed), basil on everything, Blue Lizard sunscreen (couldn't live without it on my families fair skin), and the neighborhood pool.
    Just to name a few!

    Your kiddos look so happy! Hope you have a wonderful summer!

  4. Fun! My hubs loves bit o honey too. I'm gonna get started with pictures, mine will be up on Friday! :-)

  5. ***Standing ovation***
    My hat goes off to you to give up what you did. I have the pop off my list, but I still enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning (er, pretty much anytime).

    I think I might copy you and do a "My Favorite Things" post. It might be somewhat similar to my "so Grateful" post:


  6. Love the list! I love the simplistic life you seem to lead. I want things more simplistic, but it seems I'm alone in that around here. Especially would love to ditch the TV.

  7. Got it done...don't even think about reading it unless you are not hungry, have recently used the restroom, and your kids are very busy. Yep, it is that long!

  8. Wow,
    I love the beautiful photos on your blog.

    My favourite things would be picnicking in the backyard with my babies (4 and 10 months), hot pumpkin and cream soup by an open fire with croutons, fireworks, hot air balloon watching and carving in clay...


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