Monday, June 29, 2009

Get your portraits done here!

You all know how busy I am with photography and book design, but I have TWO fabulous lenses sitting in my camera bag right now that are itching to get back out there before I send them back to the rental company on Friday.

The weather is beautiful this week, the flowers are blooming, and I want to share them with YOU! If you are a Twin Cities resident (or don't mind the drive!) I am offering 50% off sitting fees for any session completed by THIS Thursday afternoon. That doesn't give us much time so contact me asap for details.



  1. Oh my GOSH I am so tempted, especially since my 7-month-old has not had his SIX-MONTH photos done yet. I'm not sure if I can convince my hubby that we need to drive for an hour and a half though... *sigh*

    Tempting....VERY tempting...

  2. I think the drive from Florida might be a smidge too far, but you know I would LOVE to!

  3. Send me the info on how much your prices are? I would love to get some family pictures taken!!


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