Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun in the sun

There isn't any photographic proof but it doesn't matter. I will never forget the fun day the kids and I spent with MckMama and Hilary on Tuesday. All the kids played so well together which allowed us moms to talk for hours. We went home with sunburns but our ol' aloe plant saved the day.

Today we went to the Splash Pad. Our time there is even sweeter this year because we don't have a membership anymore, but once a month a member can bring a friend.
Thanks MckMama! The kids and I are already looking forward to next month!



  1. It WAS a beautiful day out today wasn't it?! Just in time for tomorrow's "frigid" temps!

  2. What fun that looks like! :) I will probably get roped into the pool this weekend because my kids have been just begging to go. Great collage!

  3. Great pictures and what fun! Quality time with good friends is ALWAYS a blessing, isn't it?! So glad you got that...

    ...and look at you! You rock your suit! ...tank/skirtinis is all that touches this muffin top these days.;)

  4. How cute are you in your bikini??? That looks like so much fun--we're getting a season pass to the Clintonville Pool this summer, and I can hardly wait for it to open next week!

  5. what splash pad do you go to?! I have been looking for one to take the kids to and have came across two!!


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