Friday, June 5, 2009

Carrie Carrie Quite Contrary

It's been a while since I did a Straw Bale Gardening post and I know some of you are wondering how my garden is growing.
These pictures were taken May 27th. I will have to get a small notebook to keep in the garage so I can keep better records of how the garden is progressing.

By far the happiest plant is the broccoli:
The arugula behind has flowered and otherwise isn't growing much. Am I suppose to keep it from flowering???

My bean... was lonely until yesterday when I transplanted either a watermelon, zuchini, or a pumpkin into the bale along side it.

Of course the plants that can only have 1 plant per bale are the ones that came up* great and need to be thinned. I pulled that one that was surrounded by radishes to give the radishes a better chance.

My peppers are growing now but last week they were showing signs of being stressed. The leaves were curling up and they weren't growing. I tried two different things to help them recover. One, I added some fertilizer due to a possible nitrogen deficiency and two, I stopped watering every day. Within three days they perked back up and started to grow again.

My tomatoes came through the windy stretch we had with flying colors. Only one plant is lagging behind, but the rest have more than doubled in size.And now for the best news of all! We found 9 little tiny (smaller than a marble) cherry tomatoes tonight!

* At 4 weeks the vine plant seeds started to sprout. At 5 weeks the carrots popped through and later that week a few sweet bell peppers came up.



  1. VERY COOL! I HAVE been wondering how the garden was coming along! :) Can't wait to see you enjoy the, er, fruits of your labor later this summer.

  2. Wow Carrie it looks great! Good stuff :) Thanks for sharing the progress!

  3. I am hoping to see pictures of two small children consuming the goods from the garden later this summer :o) Thanks for the update!

  4. How wonderful! Your broccoli looks great--we planted some this year for the first time. But we just planted last week, so we're a little behind you. Thanks for the update!


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