Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

This weeks random picture challenge from 4 Little Men and Girly Twins brings me back to last March when we were touring our current home. Check out that blank refrigerator! It does not look like that now!

The papers on the counter there are applications - applications to live in the house - to be the caretakers of the park the house is located in. When we'd lived here for six months I wrote a post that includes more links to photos and explanations of how our job works.

So many memories have been created in this kitchen in one short year. Like this one...

Bea (and her baby brother) where here on Mondays this past winter/spring. On this day they making a cake to celebrate Julia's half birthday.



  1. Cute little chefs.... we love baking too:)

  2. It is amazing the memories that can be made in a year! Sounds like a nice place to live! I was reading your profile and like that your house may not always be clean because you will be doing so many other important things! I agree 100%!!! A magical day to you!

  3. My girls love to be in the kitchen too! :) Crazy all that can happen in the span of a year :)

  4. I love that his "challenge" brings up memories like this... such a great shot with the kids in their hats!!

  5. It is always so fun to go back and look at pictures of things "before".


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