Thursday, May 7, 2009

One step back and another forward

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Bear Country - perfect for a photo shoot with a family from Julia's school. I haven't decided if this is a keeper yet (can't tell if I like the people so dark or not and can't figure out how to lighten them properly) but it illustrates my point perfectly. It was time for me to take a step back and tell more of the story in my photography.

I tend to get up close....too close. I miss part of the story as it unfolds. Take the above picture for example - if I only got their faces it still might have been a nice portrait, but in this wide shot, the story of taking her kids for walks in the preserve is missed.

Or in this one...
If I had cropped out Mom's hand, you won't know that G is still practicing his toddle and likes a hand to hold on to for support.

Leaving some room around the subject allows that invisible wind to become visible through big sister, F's hair. I can almost feel the warm Spring breeze on my face again when I look at this one. My hope is that their family will too.

Ok, so that covers the step back, but what about the step forward? Thanks to The Pioneer Woman's free Photoshop actions and some Photoshop Action's I've picked up from MCP*I've been working on improving my post production skills.

Photography is a work in progress.

If you can call it work.

*Check out the contest over at I Heart Face for your chance to enter to win some great actions for yourself.



  1. That first picture is absolutely beautiful! I love it! Definitely a keeper! It's like you "snuck" in on a beautiful moment between a mom and child and it is gorgeous.

  2. I really like that first one, too.

    Very nice post.

  3. Yes, yes. Keep the first one. So precious!

  4. I really puffy heart that first picture - it's perfect - a framer for sure!

    And seriously - she's got free photoshop actions??? Like I need another thing to spend time on right now! LOL.

  5. I agree whole-heartedly with the others. That first pic is a rare perspective and such a beautiful moment captured!

    I love looking at other photographers styles and angles. Someday I would love to really pursue the mean time I will study others and learn what I can until I can get that camera!

  6. The jury is out for me on the first photo...maybe if I saw it bigger. It is a cool moment though, cause those days of playing like that don't last very long. I L O V E the last photo...not too posed, but a wonderful look on her face and the wind blowing her hair is perfect!

  7. just my two cents but I LOVE the first photo. if you don't like it as is, what about making them even darker so they're all but silhouettes??? but like I said i love it and would buy it if it were me as is.


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