Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not Me Monday - 30th edition

Welcome to Not Me Monday! It's been a while, but I think I still remember the program. If you need a refresher or want to participate yourself, head over to My Charming Kids. MckMama and Stellan are home safe and sound. Praise God!

If I could remember all the Not Me moments from the past 6 weeks it would (not) take me a week to type them all out, but since nobody wants to read them all and there are many I'd rather not rehash, I'll move on....

Or rather......sum up what I did (not) do the past couple of months:

First, there is (not) a long post from the beginning of April sitting on my computer waiting for me to finish. It will (not) continue to sit there for another month. Nope. I'm always up to date in my blogging! That's why I did (not) title the post "If I had time to blog". It does not include pictures of Julia's half birthday. Nope. Nothing like this photo...

There seems to be a hat theme going on around here. That is (not) because I'm bad about keeping Julia's curls tamed. Nope. I would never go 4 days without combing her hair. Not ME!

This hat wearing cutie has (not) been wearing undies for a week and blowing us away with her potty training skills. Nope. I would never brag about how easy it's been. Not a chance!
I am (not) sooooo angry that I can't find the third pair of ImseVimse training pants that Sam used two years ago. Nope. Not me! I keep track of everything and never lose expensive training pants. Never. I would never buy $15 training pants in the first place.

Sam hasn't been immune to my Not Me moments either. He won a bingo game at a local carnival on Saturday and I did (not) inform him that he was going to pick the stainless steel water bottle and not a toy. Nope. Not me! I'd never do that to him for the sake of getting a great water bottle for 50 cents.

Speaking of bargins, I was (not) over the moon about my great garage sale finds a couple of weeks ago. My excitment did (not) pale in comparison to the amazing results ($135) I got when I sold my kids clothes at a friend's garage sale. I did (not) go to her house expecting to pick up a few bags of leftovers only to discover there was only one little Target bag left. One.

What didn't YOU do this week?



  1. Oh, I'm just lovin this Not Me Mondays! I loved reading them before, but never bothered to actually participate with one of my own ... until today! What fun!!! Your garage saling skills are to be very admired by the way!

  2. I'm gearing up for a garage sale of my own. I hope I can get a little extra cash myself!!

  3. Great news on the potty training. I totally would make Sam get the water bottle too.

  4. Ok, I'm a little jealous that you got a great water bottle for 50 cents. Talk about awesome garage sale!

  5. Wow that is some good money from your sale! I hope to just get rid of stuff when I move...

    So glad things are still going well with SB! :)

  6. LOVE that first picture of Julia! The eyes! The cheeks! The colors! The contrast! Excellent! :)

  7. I'm lovin that girl and her curls, cheeks, and baby thighs...:)

  8. Your daughter captured my heart in that very first picture. Such a blessing! Potty traing, congrats! It took us a very long time, but we've made finally! ;)


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