Friday, May 29, 2009

I went to Wisconsin and got pulled over by a state trooper

I also got to hang out with my childhood friend, Rhonda

and her daughter, Ella....
(collages are easier to see if you click on them....)

I got to witness the wedding ceremony of my college roommate, Sarah and her new husband, Greg...

I got to catch up with friends from college who I hadn't seen in 10 years.
I don't know if Julie or Jessica will ever see this, but Abby (in the middle there) will. Turns out she has been blogging about as long as I have. Who knew! My circle of in-real-life blogger friends is small - I couldn't be happier that I can add Abby to that circle!
(Abby posted wedding photos on her site as well if you want to see more of Sarah and Greg's beautiful ceremony location and wedding party/guests.)

Oh, and that little incident with the state trooper?

Apparently they don't like it when you leave your brights on constantly. (My headlights need some major adjusting and since nobody has ever flashed their lights at me I figured even my brights weren't really that bright.)

He didn't even ask for my out of state driver's license which was pretty surprising, but I think he had bigger fish to fry considering the drunks (passed a car on the side of the road with 5 police cars around it, beer bottles on the roof of the car, and three guys sitting on the side of the road) and the grizzly accident scene that will forever be etched in my brain. (Motorcycle accidents are never good. 'nough said.)

The last time I got pulled over I was in high school (for speeding - but never got a ticket since I WASN'T speeding...long story...)

When was the last time you were pulled over?



  1. I was last pulled over the first time I left son #3 home alone with Daddy and his brothers. I was at a scrapbooking church event...literally 4 blocks from my house. In my anxiety to get home before bedtime, I turned LEFT on red. OOPS! Glad you didn't get ticketed! Wedding photos are gorgeous! ALL your photos are beautiful, always! I am having trouble with shadows! It's overcast today, so I am taking the babe to a state park to practice!

  2. The summer after my senior year. And I WAS speeding. 85 in a 65. In someone else's car that I was driving for the first time. Oops. ...I blame it on the car...;)

  3. I was pulled over a week or two ago for my "license plate light" being out ?? I didn't even know there was such a thing! No ticket though (thank goodness!)

    That looks like it was a beautiful wedding!!

  4. Sounds like you had fun, accept for the trooper incident. The last time I got pulled over was for my Tag Light in 2004. I actually tried to correct him and said don't you mean my Tail light, he got a little irritated, cause I did not know there was such a thing as a tag light. He let me off though and told me to have my hubby fix it for me.....Like I probably could not do it myself:)

  5. Let's see I was pulled over 5 weeks after wire nut was born. First and only time!

    By the way I think I am flying you to WI to take my pictures for my wedding :) Love those pictures! :)

  6. Junior year of college, right by Como Park. I was going 45 in a 30. Pulled over by an unmarked car. Don't want to repeat the experience.
    Glad you had a good time--your pictures are gorgeous!

  7. Oh, we hate those cops, huh? Oh, wait...I so can't say that :o) I'm glad you didn't (at least I don't think you did) get a ticket! Last time I was pulled over was my only time. I was in college. I fought the ticket, won, but ended up paying only $12 less than the ticket by the time I payed court fees. *sigh*
    Now that I drive with a FOP badge on my license plate I don't anticipate being pulled over anytime soon. Made me laugh a little that the same day you post about a trooper I post about a SWAT team...

  8. DC ......In Wisc. $150.00. And I wasn't even the fastest car on the 94.just west of Madison near the ski area... Only my lights were on, the others weren't!

  9. Mamí♥PictureMay 31, 2009 at 8:27 AM

    I been driving without a driving licenses for 14 years, NO TICKETS NO STOPS, just lucky I guess. I will get my DL soon! or someday! hmmm..{crickets}"I hope"lol Anyways, your pictures a gorgeous. I loved them all...
    Thanks for sharing ;)

  10. Glad you had such a great time! It's always fun to get away for a while....but always great to get back home, too.

    Last time I was pulled over: I was driving my (naughty) roomates to the my PAJAMAS, with my DOG...and thought this little street (about 30 feet of it) was a one way, and it wasn't. AND HE GAVE ME A TICKET! I was severely irritated.

  11. 7 months pregnant with #1 for "not stopping". I'm pretty sure I stopped or at least made a reasonable effort. And those were the exact words a cop said to our neighbors when they were pulled over, "We don't expect you to fully stop but at least make a reasonable effort." Yeah, city living.


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