Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - the letter M

***Mr. Linky appears to be on the fritz today and my whole blog for that matter. Many people aren't able to see my blog at all. I've been hearing people are having trouble with Internet Explorer. Go ahead and leave the link to your post in the comments****

Three months ago I started a little carnival called Alphabitty Moments as a way to remember the little things my kids do. I spend 40 hours a week making books for other people, but this is my chance to create something for my own family, one letter at a time.

If you are just joining us, we are on the letter "M". Scrapbook pages are optional - it's perfectly fine to post the pictures like a normal post and tell the story behind them without the fancy pages. Personally, I use's Booksmart and post the pages separately so they are easier to see. (Usually you can click on the page to see it larger.)

These are the only matching outfits Julia and I have. I'm all about coordinating clothes (makes pictures that much better), but matching clothes haven't been my thing. This is the outfit I wore for Julia's baptism (learned my lesson the hard way at Sam's - don't wear a dress when you are used to pumping or nursing every 3 hours) Julia's dress I found at Kohl's for her second Christmas. They happened to match and you know what? I love it. In 10 years Julia won't love it.

Thanks to MckMama for taking these photographs of my baby girl and I the week before I chopped my hair off! I knew then how special they were, and they are even more so now.

I had a couple other options for Sam's page, but I wanted to record the movies he's into right now before they change.

Sharon (my awesome SIL) introduced us to The Land Before Time this past winter and Sam has never looked back.

I also threw in Veggie Tales, Berenstein Bears, and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with the Free Willy series. The kids may not watch regular TV, but they love their movies. I usually let them watch one in our bed in the morning before we get up for the day. Bad habit, I know.... But they curl up so quietly and giggle at the same places each time that I can't help myself.

What's do you want to remember this week?

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  1. Mamí♥PictureMay 21, 2009 at 12:25 AM

    You both look so "Beautiful"!

  2. I almost did movies too...with the same concept for the layout! ;)

  3. oh my goodness! How sweet is that!?! Great M.

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I could never leave the South, but I sorta wish I lived in MN so I could get you and/or J to do a photo shoot for me!

  5. Love the matching dresses! Beautiful!!

    Mine is posted at:

    Is the Linkie missing? Or am I missing it?

  6. Beautiful!

    Your hair is gorgeous!!!

  7. I did Mommy and Marriage!! Movies is a great idea to you should see our collection!

  8. Mine's up now, finally. But Mr. Linky's gone!

  9. I was going to use both your "M" words!!! Mine are up too at

  10. I did mine the other day but I was one of the ones that could not get to your page! :)

    Love your M's :) Great pictures!! Movies is a good idea. Love what you did with it.

  11. I love that 2nd picture of you and J - SO adorable....those dimples will melt you.

    My kids LOVE those Land Before Time cartoons, too....I find them slightly annoying, but they love them and they are pretty simple - so great by me! :-)

  12. You are a very giving person to cut off such hair!

  13. (...but it still looks great now in pictures...I'm just saying, I can see why you liked it before, too! It's hard to take that plunge and cut off long hair!)


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