Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - the letter L

Welcome to Alphabitty Moments! Where we're celebrating the little things our kids do one letter at a time. This week is brought to you by the letter L, but feel free to jump on board with any letter. Some participants use digital scrapbooking while others simply post their pictures like a regular post. Either is fine! I'm creating my book using and someday will have a few more books in my bookstore.

Speaking of Blurb, that window pane effect from last week? The trick is to put the same picture in 4 times and match up the edges.

This week I was feeling a little gray - maybe it's the rain or maybe it's the fact that I made these layouts at 1am. Not sure. What I am sure of is that I don't ever want to forget the specialness of Sam and Julia's bond as brother and sister. There is a lot of love and laughter around here. (and screams and tantrums to tell you the truth)

It melts my heart to watch Julia offer Sam half of her cookie without being asked or when Sam scoots over on the couch so there's room for his little sister.

Julia is showing her love using sign language. It's not a silent declaration though. Instead, it's "Mommy! Come in here!" Then once I walk into her bedroom, there she is with both hands stretched towards me in the air. It always reminds me of Noah...always

I love you too sweatheart!!!

"Life isn't measured in minutes, but in moments"

What was your (alphabitty)moment this week?



  1. Great words! :) My kids signed and I loved when they not only said I love you but signed it too! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. OH my goodness!!! I must be a lazy mom or something b/c mine have never signed that to me! LOL. anyways, GREAT L an even greater Pictures!!

  3. Precious--I seriously need a lesson in the photo cropping you are doing. FUN layouts! I am going to have to play with totally inspired me to do Nicholas's baby book in BookSmart. It's beautiful! I am filing the I love you sign away for the next round...Gabe and I give each other that sign when he is at the bus stop! :)

  4. So cute! My kids always do the i love you sign! I love it!

  5. So cute . . Do you teach them sign language?

  6. Beautiful! A home is not a home until it is filled with love and laughter, that's for sure!

  7. I'm loving the I Love You in sign language!

  8. What a great thing she has learned!

  9. We have worked on other signs with my kids, but never the "I love you" I must be slacking! Love this weeks layouts!!!

  10. What great pictures! Our kids are learning sign as well. My 15 year old knows it well enough (taught by her deaf friend) that while she worked at a grocery store she had a hearing impaired person who would only come through her till; they thought it was so great to have someone communicate with them instead of looking stunned and not knowing what to do.

    I really encourage teaching them sign. It will prove rewarding at some point of their lives!

    I am still absolutely in love with J's curls!

  11. This is just perfect.

    We started using sign language for "I love you" early on, but when the movie "Cars" came out my hubby put a new spin on it...that stuck.:)

    In the movie (if you've seen it) Lightening McQueen shows his lightening bolt on the side of his car and says "Ka-chow!" well my husband started throwing up the sign and saying "Ka-chow!" and we've been doing it ever since. Our youngest who can't quite say it now says "Pa-chow!". It is so awesome to have these little "us" things with our children, isn't it?! So glad you're preserving them.;)

    It's been a crazy week for us with 2 birthdays, anniversary, etc, etc so maybe I'll eventually get to my Alphabitty moment, because I really love doing it!

    ...sorry for being so long-winded this morning.:)

  12. Mamí♥PictureMay 15, 2009 at 9:04 PM

    You have BEAUTIFUL children! I am new in this blogging thing, and enjoying every minute of it. I love to play along and have fun. I love to take pictures and probably in my blog you will not find any writing, may a sentence ( i am NO writer) I follow many cool creative beautiful people and you are one of them. I love to learn new things everyday, and I have lately! thank you for been super cool MamaBear!!!! awwrr...that means thank you in bear, but you probably knew that... Lol (huh I use "I" a lot, jajaja) take care! ;>

  13. Carrie, those have to be the sweetest 2 "moments" so far! Great pics, too, by the way.


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