Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - the letter K

This week's Alphabitty Moments post is brought you by the letter "K". Click on the button over on the left side bar for more information on what this carnival is all about. If you're just joining us WELCOME! No need to worry about jumping on board in the middle of the alphabet - we're going to go through it again and you can catch up the next time around. Our kids change so much and I know there are little things my kids do now that in the next go round, they'll be even more special.

I cheated a little this week, but I wanted to remember the (pre) in Kindergarden too. I can hardly believe that I only have one more year before I have two kids in school. It's probably part of the reason I struggle daily with how to balance work and home. I want to savor every moment yet there's work that needs to get done.

Sam's teacher, Mrs. W, lost her mother this week. If you have a moment, please say a prayer for their family. We are blessed beyond blessed to have Mrs. W in our lives. She is the pastor's wife, a grandma, and has over 20 years under her belt as a teacher. It is hard to see someone you respect and admire lose a loved one.

K is also for Kite - the simple pleasure of watching what the wind can do and the joy on the kid's faces when they hold the kite themselves. Behind our house there's a huge open space where we fly our kite we got when Julia was a baby.

(Click on the Kite page to view it bigger)
I threw this picture up after giving Julia a nebulizer treatment - she woke with a croup-y cough a little bit ago and I'm keeping her near me on the couch. So far I don't need to take her to the ER and I'm praying it doesn't get any worse.

Hopefully Mr. Linky will work properly while I'm tending to my baby. Thanks for playing along! I look forward to seeing your K words later today.



  1. Well I am posting at 2 am...I determined last week I would NOT be #9 again...and Baby J so made that happen by demanding a bottle in the middle of the night. I've been trying not to give into him at night and let him cry it out, but after 40 minutes I have pity and feed the poor kid. Once he starts solids I hope he sleeps through the night has been a few weeks now. Thanks for doing this and here's to being #1 this week! Wahoo!

  2. Cute layouts! I love the pictures!

  3. love the pictures! im sorry for mrs. w's loss . she will be in my prayers

  4. Both good ones! I did kite too! Love the Kindergarten one. I think I will use the alphabitty idea in their books though for Kindergarten :)

    The right side of SB's page is really neat!

  5. I LOVE the kite layout! Hope Julia is feeling better!

  6. Kindergarten was a great idea! Maybe next go-round... And I love that kite layout. How did you do that?
    All the layouts I've used are from the Booksmart program. I'm having so much fun! Sorry to hear about Houston, too! Do the kids miss him?

  7. Gorgeous pictures!

    Hope your little one is feeling better!

  8. OK, I finally linked up. And while it's still Thursday here, I know it's not where you are:) Oh well.

    I LOVE the font on the kindergarden page and the tile look on the kite page is very cool!

  9. I just joined you little group on here! And while it is no longer Thursday either where you live or where I live... better late than never right!?!??! I had to download the booksmart, then make the page, the figure out how to make a screen shot... then do my post and then add to Mr. Linky! Anyways, I think this is really neat and I too would like to know how you did the kite page. I think I am going to do one of there for each of my three kids. Looking forward to next week! Thank you for being innovative and giving me another way to be electronically creative!

  10. Oh, you are one clever girl! I am loving the effect of the cropping on SB's page!


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