Sunday, April 5, 2009

Scenic Sunday - Grand Portage State Park

Better late than never.... Miti's still got Mr. Linky up if you want to play along.....

A shot from our two week state park tour.
(Grand Portage State Park is on the border between the U.S and Canada)


  1. Yup...Mr. Linky's not going anywhere. Thanks for posting you Scenic 'Monday'. Another GREAT post for my Mr. Linky for sure! Now that's what I call a WATER FALL.

  2. Wow. Other than Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls...I have never seen a waterfall like that! Yeah for northern MN!

  3. We've been there too! We camped in Grand Marais for 9 days the summer I was pregnant with Emma. ('07) We bought a year pass at Itasca before we left, and then hiked a different state park every day. It was awesome. Grand Portage was one of the highlights!


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