Saturday, April 4, 2009

Random Picture Challenge #6

This week Brittany chose:

February 2008
17th folder
33rd picture

I went with the 17th folder and landed on this photo of Sam and Uncle Gary. It's a rare treat to have Gary in town from Alaska so it was nice to revisit this folder of pictures.

When these were taken (April 16th, 2008) we weren't living in our house yet, but we had a key so we could move things into the garage, paint 3 rooms, and refinish the hardwood floors.
It was fun to be able to Gary around the park and the "before" of the house. Now if only the weather could be that nice right now. (We're not going to reach 40 this weekend)

Consider yourself invited for the 'after' tour Gary and Laura! :)



  1. Great photo, I love family pics like this. Yikes only 40 degrees today.

  2. what a peaceful picture... it was 44 yesterday, but 72 the day before that. Crazy weather!

  3. That is such a wonderful picture!!!
    really captures a precious moment in time!

  4. I wonder what they were looking at. It's been almost a year since Garys been home. Too bad BB and SB can't get to know thier uncle better. Love the picture.

  5. What fun it is to re-do a house you're going to live in! Lovely pic.

  6. Just followed the link on 4 little men and oh how i envy your life- it sounds wonderful!! Hard work but such a fantastic way to raise your kids.

  7. Great shot! I can picture in my head what they are discussing.

  8. What a precious picture. Fun angles and beautiful coloring. I'm sure the scenery is gorgeous where you are located. What an experience!!

  9. Jumped over from MckMama's place and really like it here! I don't blog (scandalous I know) so I can't join her forum. I just wanted to let someone know in her sphere of influence that I'm in Cleveland OH and would LOVE to help in anyway I could should Mr. Stellen need care here.

  10. I thought posting here would be the easiest way to pass on info to MckMama as it is unlikely she would see the comment in her own blog. My family has moved across several states to receive care. We stayed at a Ronald McDonald House- it is very likely that if stellan goes to a larger city they will have a RMDH. I HIGHLY cannot say that highly enough, recommend them. Not only for the cost (they charge what you can pay, up to $15-20 dollars a night) but the most important thing, is that they put you with moms/dads/other children who are going through very similar things. Also, there are meals provided most nights and other activities for other siblings that might be there.

    It depends on where you are, as to how long you can stay. The one we were at had people there for years. The one in my current town lets you stay 30 days, and then you have to move out for one day and then move back in. Angel flights will also fly child back and forth for free. Hope this helps. If you need more information, feel free to contact me

    As a side note- my family also runs a campground. fun stuff.


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