Monday, April 27, 2009

Play ball!

PapaBear in a phone call to me last week: Quick! Get your camera! Sam and I are playing our first game of catch!

I wiped the tears from my eyes and dashed upstairs to grab my camera. This is what I caught when I went out to the side yard...

...the first of many many games of catch between father & son (& daughter too!) The image should be bigger if you double click on it - it's worth it to see Sam's little tongue sticking out while he concentrates :)


  1. I'm sure Papa got misty eyed too!


  2. that is adorable! Little boys are the best!


  3. Precious! I love the sound of a ball hitting a glove. Is that weird? Not sure if my boys will be athletically (sp?) inclined, but I sure am looking forward to seeing them (and their dad) in their Boy Scout uniforms!

  4. Ah! How sweet. I know my husband can't wait until Lincoln is old enough to get outside and play catch too.

  5. Those are moments and memories that will not soon be forgotten! How sweet!

  6. Isn't it great to have dads who love to play with their kids!! Just wait until they can throw and hit really good!! Our oldest has been banned from hitting in our little yard because he really is going to break a window. Thankfully, the park is right down the street.

  7. PB rocks! Taking the time and having the patience! Enjoy!

  8. Cute pictures and fond memories!

    My husband got such a thrill playing ball with our son when he was little and coaching him in high school. We watched him play four years of college football and will be watching him as a coach in the fall. It's exciting but going way too fast!

    I LOVE seeing old pictures of where it all began :)




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