Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It was a good day

because Julia and I enjoyed a rare lunch date.
because Julia p**ped in the p*tty.
because I was able to go to the chiropractor again after a year.
because PapaBear was able to see a chiropractor for the first time.
because five minutes after saying I really should learn PowerPoint, I discovered that our local library does (free) one-on-one computer tutoring.
because it was 60 degrees and sunny out.
because we could decide at the last second to attend a baseball game being played across the street from the library.
because the camping season hasn't started yet so we could be out as family past 4pm.
because despite missing her nap & dinner, Julia was well behaved at the grocery store.
because we had lemon poppyseed muffins, bananas, & strawberries and called it dinner.
because we had good old fashioned fun at home - tag, twirling, races...

but most of all it was a good day because Stellan made it through his risky heart procedure that so many prayed through.



  1. I simply ADORE that picture of Julia. How cute is that? I think everyone can call it a good day, most of all, our dear friends in Boston. Praise God for that, right?

    P.S. Please send those warm temps to us. Please. We had snow on the ground this morning!


  3. Amen!! Thank you God for protecting Stellan!

    ...and can I just say that that last pic of Julia has to be one of my most favorite pics EVER. Her face is priceless!!!

  4. Good stuff! Glad you had a great day. So happy to hear about Stellan. Those pictures of him after waking up I just wanted to squeeze him and make him feel better!

    Way to go SB!! Sounds like she is moving right along! Good for her!

  5. Love this post! And the pictures, especially the one of SB!!!

  6. I think that last photo may just be the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!

  7. So cute! I am glad you had a good day, you all deserve many more!

  8. Julias hair is WAY TOO CUTE!

    and yeah for a good day


  9. I've been trying to figure out what I want to say - but can someone get Jennifer's family to Boston? From my experience with RMH - houses are very equipped for families. If they needed hands on care for their kids - I would fly there to help them. I can imagine someone in Boston could be available. I would be more than glad to make phone calls. Surely someone can give a week of their time at the least. Jen needs support from someone other than strangers. Kids are resilient can't we pack them with adventure kits for the airplane and at least a week and send them off? Devon Nicole has got to have space for them and if not - we could call every church in Boston to find a missionary house. I will do it if you want me to. What would it take to get them all together? They can't go on being in two different places...

  10. Since I've posted, I've seen that someone is organizing flights with Hillary, so it seems everything is taken care of. If they still need anything - let me know.


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