Friday, April 24, 2009

Garage sale goodies reveled

Being the visual person that I am, I took pictures of all the great bargains we found at garage sales yesterday. Within the first three sales and 15 minutes into our excursion, I'd bought 30 items. Gap for 15 cents a piece...and lots of it...

PapaBear was rewarded for driving me around for4 hours with three seasons of The Simpsons for only 3 dollars. I bought myself a few movies and 4 glass jars for canning and that was it. The rest was for the kids. (I could care less though. I'm thrilled with the quality and cuteness of all the things we got for Sam and Julia)

L.L. Bean pink coat and snow pants: $12
unknown brand red and white winter coat: $2
Gap red winter coat: $5
Fleece lined wool hat: 50 cents
2 pair of mittens: $1
Cute fall jacket for Julia: 50 cents

Then there's the clothes that will last Julia at least 2 years:
14 long sleeve shirts
8 pairs of shorts
17 pants/capris
9 pj's
22 short sleeved shirts
2 pairs of crocs (50 cents a piece!)
3 dresses
2 sweatshirts

These are Sam's. He's set for the next 2 years as well. (I picked up a Boston t-shirt in honor of Stellan since Sam doesn't have any orange shirts that would fit him this year.)

6 pj's
13 T shirts
11 longsleeved shirts
6 pairs shorts
7 pants
1 robe
4 sweatshirts/sweaters

Sam could care less about his new wardrobe, but he sure was excited about his new ($1.50) airplane!

There will be new sales tomorrow -about a 100 of the rain. I'm leaving home at 7am with hopes of finding swim suits, more crocs, & size 6 pants for Sam.

What's your favorite/best value garage sale find?

Oh, and did I mention we got all of these clothes for just under $100?


  1. WOW! That is GREAT! We don't have garage sales around here much. I miss those, even more now that I see your great deals!

  2. J.e.a.l.o.u.s. I did find one sale today and got three shirts and two pairs of shorts for Emma for $1.25!

  3. Wow! I am going garage saling with you next time.

  4. Are all these garage sales in one area? That's so fun. I love to buy used toys for the kids. Espresso's birthday is June 5 so I do a lot of garage sale shopping for that. Last year I found a set of golf clubs for my husband for $30. When I got home and looked at them we realized everything was well worth over $300. It was just some wife selling them for her husband. We were laughing hoping she wasn't going to be in trouble for selling them for so cheap. My husbands brothers were very jealous!! I loved it.

  5. Score!! About 90% of my kids clothes are handed down (6 nieces & 5 nephews do come in handy). Most of it is then handed on to the younger ones, but now I'm thinking I really need to have a sale of my own to get rid of the extra stuff!!

  6. Holy Moly, you hit the jackpot! I should come over to your neck of the woods to garage sale. I cant find that much good stuff around my neck of the woods, for that little money! Wow.


  7. WOW! I am going to go this afternoon after my dr appt. Hopefully I can find some stuff for Firefly. I am finding that her winter bucket does not have but 1/4 of what she had this year!

  8. wow! Great job! I'm not gonna lie though, I'm ALOT jealous!;)

  9. Oh man, I had bad garage sale experience today. I spent only $2.25 and Snug lost his Nalgene BPA free water bottle. I was so upset with him. I had told him to leave it in the van and he didn't and then next thing I know it was gone. I didn't even go back and look because I realized it after we got home and it would have cost more in gas than to get a new one...we replaced it tonight but it came out of his piggy bank.
    I spent my $2.25 on a mini whisk (to use when Baby J HOPEFULLY starts eating solids again and I can make his food), a train to put on our free Craigslist train table, and a bag with ice pack to tote bottles around for Baby J. There really wasn't even anything great to buy. I ended up at Once Upon A Child to pay more than I wanted but less than new for jeans without holes in the knees for him.

  10. Wow! I'm really impressed! I haven't had much luck with finding clothes for my kids at yard sales, but I have found some great toys - I blogged about my favorite find a while ago here:

  11. Holy cow batman - you hit the garage sale jackpot! Way to go! The Savage neighborhood garage sales are the weekend after Mother's Day - if you haven't OD'ed on them yet! :-)


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