Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - the letter J

Welcome to Alphabitty Moments! Ten weeks into the project and the pages are piling up. This week for the letter J, I waited the longest I ever have to come up with a J word. Some might say I cheated Sam out of pages for his book, but I decided that since he's the one who gave Julia her nickname the day she was born, I figured JoJo was just as much his word as his little sister's.

We were debating between the names Grace, Lydia, and Julia. We asked Sam to say each of the names and when he said JoJo - we just knew. His vocabulary changed from 5 words to 6 that day. Little did he know that wasn't the only thing that was about to change!

Within a year, he wasn't calling her JoJo anymore. Ironically, it's only adults who call her that now. Sam sticks to JUUU-lia. There will come a day when I'm guessing she won't want to be called by this special nickname, but for now we'll continue to think of her as our little JoJo.

What sliver in time do you want to remember this week? Mr. Linky will be up until next week. Feel free to add your link throughout the week.

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  1. How precious! Will used to call Jack "Gappies" when he couldn't say Jackie...we still occasionally slip back to that. Love that Sam ended up choosing her name! JoJo is too stinkin' cute! Great J!

  2. That is very sweet. My son calls his sister Sissy. He has since the day he could talk. Even when he is mad at her, he rarely says her name. :)
    Jo Jo is cute...funny how he doesn't use it anymore.

  3. thats soooo cute!! great pictures!

  4. I can remember when I was taking Sam home after a visit with mommy and JoJo in the hospital. He started crying so hard. He kept calling JoJo, JoJo, mommy, mommy. I think that he thought that the two of you were going to stay in the hospital forever. Needless to say, grandma shed a few tears too. He was so heart broken over leaving you there.

  5. Carrie--you are always so encouraging! Thanks for the comment: the font is "Cracked". It's a fun one!

  6. I love the baby pictures! Adorable!!

  7. So cute! Ethan was the reason we started calling Zach Zachie. Funny how the brothers choose the nicknames! Good job! :-)

  8. Snug nicknamed Baby J...we swore we never would call him what we do. Oh well :o) Those old pictures of Sam are just SO cute, he is getting big.

  9. Love your J for this week. Once again I am playing catch-up over at our blog. Neighborhood garage sale in our neighborhood starting tomorrow- if you are interested! We are having one too:)
    take care! :)

  10. Wow, Sam has certainly matured in the last 2 1/2 years. Isn't it funny how their face can look just the same but then older all at the same time?

  11. so bummed I didn't get to do this this week! ...but I had something else special planned for Thursday that HAD to be done on that day:)

    but no worries (I mean not that you were actually worried:)) I'll be back next week!!

    and what sweet, sweet pictures of your two!


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